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 Farvon Denki

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PostSubject: Farvon Denki   Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:16 am

Basic Information

Name: Farvon S. Denki
Pronunciation: Far-von Den-key
Age: 17 (Apparent age)
Birth Place: Heaven
Gender: Male
Race: Seraph
Current Planet: Heaven
Alignment: Lawful Good
Biography: Farvon was born on Heaven, as part of the First Generation of Paragons, as the press called it. He was one of the first Seraphim born into this universe, as opposed to being relocated here from the Elderverse. Being born a few months ago, he spent most of his adolescence traveling time and space, learning and training for a battle that already happened. He was one of the soldiers that fought under Cyril in the Battle in the (More or Less) Five Armies, against Cynric the Cyber Space Bear. He has returned to this time to address the lack of heroes and the encroachment of the self-assured Mundus Aliquam.
Personality: Despite trying to maintain a stoic demeanor, he often reverts to a more natural personality normally seen by kids his age. The stress of his self-imposed task to protect all life can get to him at times. He has a lightning-fast analytic mind, often rattling off observations and inferences out loud as he thinks. Not the disjointed mutterings of Jeff Goldblum; more like the analysis of Mordin Solus from Mass Effect.

Physical Profile

Height:  6'2"
Weight: 150lbs
Physical Appearance:

PL: 900
HP: 450
Stamina: 300
Speed: 300
Ki: 300
Aura Color: Bronze  


Theme Song(s):
Voice Actor/Actress (ENG): Micheal Beattie
Voice Actor/Actress (Alt. Language):  
BB: Sure

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PostSubject: Re: Farvon Denki   Tue Nov 11, 2014 8:27 pm

Biography leaves a bit to be desired...you don' HAVE to expand it but...it wouldn't hurt.....other than that you are approved. I will take your BB.




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Farvon Denki
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