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 Serafell Empire

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PostSubject: Serafell Empire   Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:00 pm

History: The Serafell Empire was an idea formed from Riza's mind after his corruption had ended. The universe had not been prepared for the invasion of the Emperor and they paid dearly for it. Riza decided to make a force that would be able to unite the worlds of the universe and give them a strong central communication. The First group to join Riza was the Saiyans, who were more than happy enough to follow one of their personal heroes. The Saiyan race would become the backbone of the military from then forward. The next group to join was a portion of the Seraph race. These Seraph went against the normal Seraph populace as after their world was destroyed they believed something more was required. Next came the Namekians. They at first were reluctant but after hearing Akira speak of how the main goal of the empire was to spread order and peace. They made up their minds after Riza also spoke of his ideals of individual freedom. Next came the humans. Wanting to be part of a larger galactic community after being isolated for so long, they immediately agreed. The Uberian's, also looking for a profit and a larger pull in the galactic community, quickly joined after. The Rava, wanting to serve their hero, became the Empire's most devout supporters. Having recruited a majority of the universe, the Empire took the form it is known for today after making Elysium the center of the empire.

Ideals: The Serafell Empire was created to bring order to the universe. Creating a centralized government to the two galaxies. However, even with this the Empire stresses personal freedom and responsibility. Letting the planets under its banner govern themselves independently. This includes peace keeping, only stepping in when personally asked by the planet's governments. These ideals often bring them into conflict with the Mundus Aliquam.


  • Emperor: Currently Held By Riza. THe Emperor is the central figure of the Empire. While he has ultimate say in everything in the Empire, Riza is usually nothing more than a public figure, preferring to let the worlds govern themselves.

  • General: These four are the second in commands and advisors to the Emperor. They are generally the most powerful that the Empire has to offer and have a much larger role in politics than the Emperor himself. Each of the four has a special title to go with their position

  • The Guardian: Currently Held by Akira Corrosian
  • The Warrior: Held by Amaterasu
  • The Mage: Held by Zero
  • The Executioner: Vacant ((In order to be a general you must own a world.))

  • Imperial Aides: Servants who answer directly to the Emperor. Considered the most elite units of the Empire. Range from actual Aides to assassins. Currently Held by Riza's Pantheon of familiars.

Worlds currently in the Empire

  • Earth
  • Vegeta
  • New Ravanix
  • Uberia
  • Namek
  • Elysium (Capital)
  • Planet Majin




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Serafell Empire
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