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 World changer

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PostSubject: World changer   Sat Nov 29, 2014 9:57 pm

A night like no other, that would at first glance seem like any other, but would turn out to be one that could change the course of history forever.
In a small corner of the galaxy a trio of mercenaries that had been paid off by an emperor of a planet that didn’t have so good a tie with clockwork. They approached in a small craft that was shrouded by a camouflage ability. Ahead of them they could see clouds of dark colors and around them solar storms flared and the gravitational pull of a small planet in the middle of the clouds pulled the ship in with more power than a planet of its size should have. The small ship was crushed in the landing, however the three man crew was able to escape unharmed, “Good thing we aren’t going to need that.” One of the trio said as he exited the ship. His red spiky hair stood straight.
“We wouldn’t have to pull ourselves out of this wreck if you could fly better.” A young female said as she crawled out of the wreckage, her blue long hair waved in the wind. A tall buff man exited the ship last. This one of the trio wasn’t much of a talker. The trio brushed themselves off and walked towards a tall tower that was the only building on the surface. The trio climbed the stairs of the tower. At the top they could see out to the reaches of the cosmos, “we don’t have time to waste on site seeing.” The female said to the red haired male, “Shut up Lee. I’ll site see if I want to.”
“I’m just saying that we don’t need to lollygag around, Jackson.”
“Both of you be quiet,” the tall man walked over to the three pillars that stood in the center of the tower and placed a shard in the middle.
“SHUT UP FRANK!” Lee and Jackson said simultaneously.
The pillars began to glow a light green and a stream of light shot up into the sky and opened a swirling vortex in the night sky. “Now all we have to do is go through and stop Clockwork from entering 42B. The trio walked to the vortex. Then at the last moment a streak of purple Ki shot across the sky and struck the shard shattering it. The trio turned to see a man standing in the air hovering, walking across the night air, “If you thought I would let an act like this go unattended you’re dumber than I thought.” Zero was dressed in white robes, “You interrupted my treaty signing with a planet in the western galaxy with your petty plan.” Jackson pulled out a Ki gun and shot a round at Zero. Zero vanished and appeared behind him and grabbed his head and burned his palms shape into his skull. “Ahh, son of a bitch.” Jackson dropped to the ground and grabbed the back of his skull in agony.
“Shit he wasn’t supposed to be here.” Lee said. She vanished and appeared above Zero and dropped down on top of him. He was knocked down onto the ground with Lee on top of him.
“You know if I wasn’t married I would make some kind of joke right here.” Lee was pissed at Zero’s remark and swung at his face. Zero moved his head out of the way causing her to smash her hand breaking most of the bones in her hand. Zero used his feet to launch Lee into the air and then shot a beam of KI at her that pierced her chest, “Shit, didn’t mean for that to happen, but you know, these thing happen.” Jackson watched as Lee’s body fell from the sky and hit the ground. A pool of blood formed around her and her eye closed. Jackson’s power flared and he picked himself up, “You son of a bitch, I’ll KILL YOU!” Jackson rushed Zero and pulled out a sword from his back and swung madly at him. Zero dodged the attacks with ease, “If you attack blindly you won’t be able to land a blow.” Zero dodged the last attack and then kneed him in the stomach and knocked him to the ground. Jackson spat up blood and became unconscious. Zero turned to the last of the trio and looked confused, “So, I have to ask, how does someone stand there and watch their comrades die?” Frank walked over to Zero and answered, “Because I don’t care for them. We all knew that if this plan was to be carried out our lives may not be formed in our mothers’ wombs any way. If this plan was too enacted fully clockwork would have never come through and we would never have been born. Since we ourselves are of Techma blood.” Zero was shocked by this and was very angry. He flared his power and punched frank in his gut.
“How could you,” he screamed as he continued to punch frank repeatedly, “ how could you work against your own race, if it wasn’t for the event that happened in 42A we would have died there and never prospered to where we are now.” He smashed in franks teeth, “how could the three of you do this I am lord Zero ruler of Clockwork and by my hand I will defend my people to the bitter end.” He took frank by the arm and through him into the air and appeared above him and smashed him to the ground. “I am Zero ruler of Clockwork and no one will harm my people.” He blasted both frank and the unconscious Jackson with two Ki blasts and disintegrated their bodies. Zero landed on the tower and looked out into the dark void. He walked down the stairs and over to his royal ship that he had arrived on. The ship flied up to orbit and Zero looked out at the tower and turned. The ship flew away.
Word count: 1002


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PostSubject: Re: World changer   Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:31 am


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World changer
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