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PostSubject: Changelings   Sat Aug 24, 2013 8:11 pm

The Changelings are notorious for the unusual amount of galactic overlords in the species.  Like seriously what the hell is in their water? But anyway, collectively they run a company called the World Trade Organization. (Not the one on Earth but a literal organization where they trade planets.) Typically they enslave or hire other races to destroy a planet’s populous and then sell it to the highest bidder. Notable Changelings include the cruel King Cold and his two sons, Cooler and Frieza.
Racial Trait -
Changelings are arrogant and being (or at least appearing to be) more powerful than anyone is very important to them. They can deflect any attack once per topic without using stats.
Drawback: You must actually have the stats to deflect the attack in the first place.

Lying Bastards- get a free flee from battle
Drawback: Cannot fight for a day (24hr)

Starting Stats
Pl- 850
Second Form:

Requirements: 50,000 PL; 500 Word Post
Gains: x2 PL
Drawbacks: You’re pretty cumbersome now. -10,000 Speed
Details: Horns grow out of your head as you grow to a towering 7 feet. Your tail is now longer and sharper, while your body is now covered in exoskeleton-like patches.

Third Form:

Requirements: 500,000 PL; 700 Word Post
Gains: x1.5 PL
Drawbacks: Wow look at your face, you’re no longer intimidating so you lose 50,000 Stamina.
Details: Your body looks monstrous as your shoulders grow outward as well as your knees and elbows. Your head extends backwards 2 feet making you look freakish.

Final Form (Permanent):

Requirements: 1million PL; Won at least 5 lethal fights
Gains: x2 PL; +500,000 Any Stat
Drawbacks:  You’re in your final form, no time for arrogance and flashy secondary emotions! Your racial trait is disabled while you’re in this form.
Details: Your body is sleek and smooth. The exoskeleton is now gone leaving you agile and strong. You have reached a new level of strength.

Final Form 100%:

Requirements: 25million PL; 1,000 word post
Gains: x2PL
Drawbacks: Woops you’re fat and cumbersome again cost twice to dodge. Still can’t use racial trait!
Details: Your strength increases exponentially and you grow huge with muscles. Unfortunately this is a last ditch transformation and you lose (die if battle is lethal) once going below 1million HP.

Royal Form (Permanent):

Requirements:  100million PL; Won 10 Lethal fights
Gains: x2 PL; your racial trait is back!
Drawbacks: Your exoskeleton is back too! It looks great but it’s actually pretty heavy and cumbersome so twice to dodge.
Details:  Your exoskeleton returns as you grow to 8 feet tall. Your tail grows to 5 feet as its point is covered with a sharp edge on it. Your head is completely covered only leaving your red eyes to gleam. Very few Changelings ever achieve this form, mostly people in the royal family.

Royal Form 100% (Permanent)

Requirements: 500millionPL, won 15 lethal fights
Gains: 100million PL
Drawbacks: your armor is liter now and makes you a little too fast, -50million stamina.
Details: a second form of the royal family that was kept hidden.

Changeling 200% (Trans.)

Requirements: 1billion PL
Gains: x3PL
Drawbacks: Permadeath

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