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Probably a Clone
Probably a Clone

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PostSubject: Androids   Sun Aug 25, 2013 1:14 am


The Androids are divided by two types: bio and standard. The bios rely on other peoples health and ki to make it in the world while standard androids rely on obtaining parts.


So, you're a bio android! Well, you're in an infantile stage and very, very vulnerable.

Starting PL: 350
Racial Trait: Bio Drain- Absorb 15% of a remaining characters' ki, health, and stamina upon their defeat.
Racial Trait: Intimidate- Your ability to absorb people makes your enemy much more cautious. Can instantly stop any attack by threatening to absorb your enemy.

Factory Default:

Huh. Standroid your thing? Right now you're mostly just a cyborg with guns for hands or some such gimmick.

Starting PL: 750
Racial Trait: Calculate- Being able to get out of the way of an attack before it is made keeps you from using any speed or stamina.
Racial Trait: Precision- Being a robot gives you extreme precision which lets you instantly land any one attack once per topic. This takes precedence over any instant dodge technique, but not an instant dodge racial trait such as "Malleability."


Bio: Imperfect Form One (Perm):

Well, you're humanoid-- two legs. You've also got an extremely phallic sucky-tail. And a goal--- perfect
Req: 25,000 PL
Gains: 15,000 PL, Trait: Assimilate- When in a lethal fight, you can absorb AN opponent's PL, techniques (Techs absorbed can only be used once), and racial abilities (the last one--- only for a fortnight). They will die normally and go to Other World.

Standard: Mechanical Misfit (perm)

Okay. Good news: you found some good parts and a decent processor. Bad news--- a bit rusty.

Req: 25,000 PL
Gains: 20,000 PL, 1.2X Stat gain multiplier. (Just remind us!)
Drawback: -5,000 Speed

Bio: Imperfect 2 (Perm)

You've gotten a lot outta sucking off other characters. You feel yourself closer to the goal.

Req: A total of 50,000 assimilated PL from other characters.
Gains: 1.2X gain multiplier from assimilation; Ability: Spawn Juniors- You create three mini-yous with each having half your PL.
Drawbacks: -10,000 Speed; -25% of Solo post gains

Standard: Mediocre Machination

Well, you're oiled up, but now it takes twice the amount to dodge an attack.

Req: 150,000 PL
Gains: 50,000; Ability: Absorb Sensors- Your palms have ki orifices that will absorb a blast and divert it to health and/or ki. (Artik shot 15,000 ki. You absorb it. You can gain 15k HP or 15k Ki or 10k HP and 5k Ki, etc.)
Drawback: 2X amount to dodge attacks. (50k kick at you, would take 100,000 to dodge.)

Bio: Semi Perfect (Perm):

You're closer. So close. Your tail sucker is wider, allowing more assimilation.

Req: 300,000 PL OR 200,000 assimilated in total
Gains: 2X  Assimilation gains.
Drawbacks: 1.5X more words needed for quests/techs.

Standard:Hardened Hardware(Perm):

You become better in moving and physical attacks. These new parts come in handy.

Req: 300,000 PL
Gains: 150,000 PL, Multiplier for gains goes to 2.5X
Drawbacks: -75,000 Speed, loss of Calculate.

Bio: Perfect Form(Perm):

You've done it!! Sure, the world's populace is sucked dry of life, but you did it!!

Req: 10,000,000 PL OR 7,500,000 PL Assimilated
Gains: 500,000 PL, assim multiplier goes to 3.5X, all previous drawbacks revoked, Ability: Copy Cat- When assimilating an opponent, you know gain the ability to use whatever the highest trans they unlocked is. (For a fortnight)
Drawbacks: Permadeath, -100,000 each of St, Sp and Ki.

Standard: Complete Circuitry(Perm):

You are the perfect mesh of hard and soft wares.

Req: 15,000,000 PL, know After Image and Instant Transmission

Gains: All previous drawbacks revoked, 10,000,000 PL, 3.5X all stat gains, Ability: Ravinium Plating- deflect a move, or repair 45% of HP.

Drawbacks: Permadeath, -2,500,000 Ki

(All abilities and traits may only be used once per turn.


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