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PostSubject: Rava   Mon Aug 26, 2013 7:25 pm

Ravas are a race from the eastern galaxy that was known for taking over planets in the system. After conquering much of the Eastern Galaxy, they used their extremely advanced Aeronauditcs and Space technology to move their two planets to the Northern Galaxy. For years they took planets that had resources that they needed for making people their slaves. The Ravatinex people started the slave trade, selling off races to the highest bidder. They created the marks and brandings, as they prize rare creatures like half breeds. They are ruled by 'Tzar Ragneko' a cruel and ruthless ruler that only cares for his people. His sympathy is only for them, and for other races he shows zero sense of compassion, or concern. They are essentially a cross between humans and animals. In their basic form, they look more humanistic, with minor features representing the animal breed that has been imbedded upon their DNA.
They live in a society of ranks. Royals, nobles, soldiers, merchants, and commoners. They tend to not mix ranks unless forced, and each part of the planet known as Ravatinex is home to a rank. In wars the race is known to be absolutely ruthless taking on animal forms to kill their enemies. The royals and nobles are able to warp reality to make their victims feel the ultimate pain or warp their vision so their victims see terrible things before they are killed. This is more often used to keep slaves in line than a battle technique. Rava ships have been sent out to all sections of the universe to gain new races to sell and conquer. They are the rivals of the changelings, but at the same time the same race that gives them their soldiers.
They are keen on collecting, such as Saiyans. Their prized warriors are often used for slave fights. The royals and nobles were always amused by torture and ritualistic battles. But there are some Rava that are starting to rise against the system that wish for the slave trade to be done with, the rebels are of all ranks. They are fighting in secret to bring down the king and his cold ways of ruling. Many races are starting to rise against them with the rebels. Though the race shows to be very cold, some of them have the hearts to rise up and show kindness to those whom have been mistreated or they trust.
The Color Moon of their planets arrive 4 times a year for each season. Those nights of the season are when the Rava change, and the people have a festival in their animal forms. This is a day no race dare attack them, their animal forms go crazy and will attack any intruder in the festival. Rava are the only ones able to attend. On other planets, the colored moons are when they go on an all out assault. It is almost impossible to stop them just like the Saiyan’s Ozaroo. Except cutting off their tails has no affect, it just upsets them more...
Racial Trait -

The Rava love torture and the knowledge of how to cause the most pain with the least amount of effort comes naturally to them. 3 times per topic you may add +2% damage to your attack (Ex. Cyril uses 100 in a Ki or Strength attack and can add 2% of that to his attack. So 102 damage will be dealt.) It can’t be coupled with techniques such as Rush, Ki Fist, Galick Gun, etc. Only basic moves such as ki blasts and melee attacks can be used with this trait.
Starting PL:  Solider rank or below is 500 PL; Noble and Royals are 900 PL
Wild Rava:

Requirements: Soldier Rank or below; Anger
Gains: +1.5% PL to distribute
Drawbacks: Lasts 2 posts
Details: The Nobles and Royals don’t deign to let themselves become wild. But of course no one else has a problem with it, you become a little ball of hate and anger.


Requirements: Colored Moon.
Gains: 1,000 PL
Drawbacks: Lasts only 5 of your posts and then you revert back to the stats you had before trans.
Details: The Rava are born with an innate ability to transform into a beast form. This is typically in the shape of a werewolf.

Feral Raviger:

Requirements: Colored Moon; 50,000 PL; Anger
Gains: +50,000 PL
Drawbacks: You’re angry and have no time for finesse, -1,000 speed
Details: You transform into raviger but something is different, your anger and irritation has made you feral and very dangerous. Your animal traits become much more distinct.

Wily Rava:
Requirements: 250,000 PL; Must no longer need the Colored Moon to transform
Gains: +100,000 PL
Drawbacks: -20,000 Ki
Details: You've been around the block more than a few times, my friend. Your experience gives you an advantage over everyone else.

Warped Raviger:

Requirements: Colored Moon; 500,000 PL; 1,000 Word Post
Gains: x2 all stats. Racial trait is no longer limited to 3 times a topic
Drawbacks: You can no longer go into previous Raviger forms.
Details: Something went wrong with the transformation, your Raviger form has become warped and twisted. You double in size, your fur has become long and unkempt. Your eyes glow the color of your ki and everyone fears you.
Additional Information
A 700 word long post may be made about controlling the Raviger form so that the Colored Moon is no longer a requirement for the transformations. You must be above 30,000 PL and the post most be made on the day of a Colored Moon.

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