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 Saiyan/Majin Hybrid

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PostSubject: Saiyan/Majin Hybrid   Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:29 am


Saiyans volunteered or forced into the Ascension Program, they are sent off planet to be tested on and trained as the Majin DNA gets infused with their own. What they don't know is that the program is to make Hybrid and controlled Saiyans to serve as covert agents. However the main worry of the Experimentation is the willpower of the test subject...about 75% of the time the DNA is too strong for the vessel causing the subject to turn into an abomination and are immediately terminated. In Rare occasions the bonding of the two genetics are successful and the hybrid is stabilized. Finally the subject's saiyan blood line is altered enough that they won't be able to reach past their legendary Super Saiyan form as the Majin DNA neutralizes it with its Absorption ability.

Saiyan: Saiyans are a proud, barbaric race that resides in Planet Vegeta. They love to fight and strive off of seeing their opponent kneeling before them. All saiyans are born with a tail on their lower back side. It is because of this tail, that a saiyans will turn into a giant, raging ape, also known as the Oozaru.

Majins: One of the most interesting aspects about Majin is their amorphous, shape-changing bodies that allow them to mold into and effectively dodge attacks, regenerate, absorb opponents, and liquify. As well as Majin, show the ability to split themselves into numerous copies.


Racial Trait –
Majin Zenkai- 5% of PL gained if defeated in battle

When you have defeated your opponent you absorb them and gain 5% of their power level and kills them. (To use this you must have killed your opponent)
Starting PL: 600



Uncontrollable to the weak, but a powerful weapon to those who can harness its power. Transformations happen on the full moon, or when near a powerball.
Requirements to Transform: Tail, 0 PL, Moon, Powerball
To Control: PL total of 6,000
Gains: +100 Stamina +50 HP
Drawbacks: -150 Speed
Cannot not Ascend to next transformation in this form
If HP is dropped to 1, and Stamina is brought down to 0, then the Saiyan will knock out and return to its normal form

First Blood (Permanent):

Requirements: 20,000 PL; won one lethal fight.
Gains: 5,000 PL
Drawbacks: Your physical appearance changes with the traits of the absorbed enemy. -1,000 depending on the enemies lesser stat.
Details: You have killed and absorbed your first opponent! Your Majin body changes as you digest your first victim.


Super Saiyan:
Anger, rage, these emotions take over the Saiyan’s body due to something very traumatizing. The Saiyan will do anything to stop whatever it is that is traumatizing the Saiyan. The Saiyan’s hair becomes golden, and flows as if the wind were blowing upward from right below the saiyans.
Requirements: PL has to have a total of 500,000
Gains: 125,000 PL To Distribute +12,500 HP
Drawbacks: Lasts 3 turns, 5 if Total PL (not including any bonuses) is 1,000,000
Once Per Fight

Super Majin (Permanent):
Requirements: 170,000 PL;  Reached First Blood trans.
Gains: 80,000 PL
Drawbacks: Your racial trait is blocked during this transformation
Details: You become buff and arrogant with your newfound power. Enemies quake under your gaze. But you’re still pink haha.


Primal Majin (Permanent):
Requirements: 500,000 PL; Absorbed or eaten 3 people.
Gains: 250,000 PL; You can now absorb 10% using your racial trait
Drawbacks: You’ve become mad, -50,000 Ki
Details: You shrink in size and become insane with power, never before have you imagined such tremendous force.
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Saiyan/Majin Hybrid
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