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 Heaven: A Traveler's Guide

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PostSubject: Heaven: A Traveler's Guide   Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:32 pm

Heaven. No, not the Kaio Realms- you haven’t died! Planet Heaven from Universe 42A! It was recently destroyed by the Ix in the War of the Fallen but also recently brought back by Cyril who was born here. It is most notable for the sentience of the planet itself.

Heaven is a beautiful and serene planet with silver grass and lavender tinted water. It is widely recognized as the spiritual/cultural capital of this universe. The atmosphere is weak but supports all life, the sky is a deep, deep blue and the stars sparkle both day and night. It has two tiny suns and a small moon on which the Silver Palace resides. It's cities are works of art, and its capital is New Aven. Notable non-dominant life forms include: The night wolves in the plains, the rock golems in the mountains, the ice wraiths in the mountains, and the peaceful living shadows also in the plains.

Current Lord: Cyril

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Heaven: A Traveler's Guide
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