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PostSubject: Bio-Tuffles   Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:33 pm

The Bio Tuffles are regarded as some of the universe's greatest scientists -- and unfortunately all scientists know that rodents only go so far in terms of trial runs. After their planet was ruined by the Saiyans one Tuffle escaped to a nearby planet and began breeding a new species. As a tuffle you start as any size you feel fit. The only problem is you are made of very weak goo. You must stay away from other living creatures until you are strong enough to fight. If you die before you make it to your first transformation you must remake your character. Simply re-register and try again.

Starting PL: 900
Racial Traits

Body Takeover:
When your opponent is defeated, you can acquire their DNA and transform into a copy of them (this kills them if they were not dead before.) This also gives you 25% of their power level.

Because of your malleable original body and the fact that you can "abandon ship" and leave your host, you can instantly dodge an attack once per topic.


Slime (Permanent):

Requirements: 50,000 PL; 100 Word Post
Gains: x1.5 PL
Drawbacks: You’re still just a ball of slime. -15,000 Stamina
Details: Your body has finally overcome its harsh living requirements. It has finally become stronger and more durable. You can now absorb creatures to gain their energy

Strong Bodied (Permanent):

Requirements: 100,000 PL; 500 Word Post
Gains: x2 PL; whenever you use Body Takeover you may learn one technique that the victim knows.
Drawbacks: Well now you’re just a fancy ball of slime. – 20,000 Stamina
Details: Your slime has now turned into a full coat. Your body is like a very soft and durable metal. You can now shift-shape into any slimy shape or size, now making you able to completely consume an enemy.

Full Bodied (Permanent):

Requirements: 1million PL; 700 Word Post
Gains:  x2 PL
Drawbacks: It’s a bit harder to control bodies now that you’re more solid. You now only take 10% of your defeated enemies.
Details:  You now have a flawless structure. You have skin like metal and wit like no other.

Ultimate Bodied (Permanent)

Requirements: 100million Pl
Gains: x2 PL
Drawbacks: you’re still getting used to this body so you’re a little sluggish; -20million speed
Details: you start to gain more control over your victim and therefore begin to make it your own.

No Place Like Home (Permanent):

Requirements: 500million PL; Stay alive for a week.
Gains: x1.5 PL
Drawbacks: Malleability is disabled.
Details: You now have total control over your victim. You have really made this body your home, and unless you are killed there is no way you are leaving. This is your permanent body. (You cannot leave the body now, so make sure to choose a victim wisely.)


Requirements: Previous trans.
Gains: Racial traits of host race.
Drawbacks: You cannot change your host race. Both original racial traits are disabled.
Details: You’ve almost reached the last transformation of whatever race your host body is.

True Assimilation:

Requirements: 1billion PL
Gains: final trans. Of host race
Details: Requirements, gains, and drawbacks are the same as the last transformation of your host race.
Additional Information:
For reference, both Uberia and Heaven have shops [you don't actually need to spend Zenni] in which you can acquire permanent bodies.

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