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 Spaceship Additions and Upgrades

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PostSubject: Spaceship Additions and Upgrades   Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:38 pm

Speed Upgrade I
Details: Takes off 100 words from travel posts.
Price: 50,000Z
Uses: Can only be bought once.

Space Upgrade I
Details: Adds enough room for 2 more passengers.
Price: 50,000Z
Uses: Can only be bought once.

Speed Upgrade II
Details: Takes off 500 words from travel posts.
Price: 100,000Z
Uses: Can only be bought once.

Space Upgrade II
Details: Adds enough room for 5 more passengers.
Price: 150,000Z
Uses: Can be bought more than once.

Details: No posts needed for travel
Price: 1,000,000Z

Infinite Rooms
Details: Your spaceship can create as much room as needed.
Price: 1,000,000Z


Time Travel
Details: Allows you to be in 2 topics at a time
Price: 5,000,000Z
Uses: Unlimited.

Desktop Themes
Details: Your spaceship now has a myriad of different forms in may take. The material that your spaceship is made from and it's appearance can be changed freely
Price: 1,000,000Z

Medical Bay
Details: A Medical Bay is added your ship which heals anyone the owner of the ship chooses.
Prices: 2,000,000Z

Coming Soon!

All these items can be acquired with a post (amount of words specified by the NPC who runs the spaceship shop) instead of paying Zenni for them if you talk to the Shopkeepr NPC about it. Also just ask for these during your consultation with the NPC if you have enough money/time-to-write when you are creating your spaceship so you don't have to come back and ask for them.

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Spaceship Additions and Upgrades
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