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Probably a Clone
Probably a Clone

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PostSubject: Kaio-Ken   Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:08 pm

Alright! King Kai teaches you a great move! It can boost your PL and stuff! But it drains your health... You can only use one of these levels per topic and only one Kaio Ken at a time (so you can't use it until it's effects wear off.)
Req: 19,000 PL; 1,500 words

Times One
Uses: Thrice per topic
Gains: 1.2X PL
Drawback: Lasts three turns

Times Two
Uses: Twice per topic
Gains: 2X PL
Drawbacks: Lasts two turns; -15% Health

Times Three
Uses: Once per topic
Gains: 3.5X PL
Drawbacks: One turn; -75% health

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