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 A Few Glitches

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PostSubject: A Few Glitches   Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:51 pm

Cyril stood once more on top of the Stairway to Heaven, the large and well-known cliff paired with a waterfall, which was now horribly dry. He wore his weighted training clothes. The river trickled slowly down its course and fell from the cliff. Instead of the roaring, colossal river it had once been, it was now a weak stream in a slowly drying riverbed. The area around Cyril was dry. Right in front of him were letters gouged into the ground “We Come.” It read. Cyril shook his head in a frustrated manner. What did it mean? Who was coming? Were they already here? Why was the ground dry? How was the ground dry if it was raining? And indeed, it was raining by the bucketful. It had begun weeks ago and never ceased, water just kept falling and falling from the sky and Cyril just didn’t understand how this was possible. “HOW ARE YOU POSSIBLE?!” Cyril screamed at the sky. The sky, quite understandably, did not answer. Cyril had been trying to understand what was happening for days, and training Zayn had distracted him. He growled angrily. Cyril tapped the ground with his pike which signified his dominion over this planet. Nothing happened. The ground did not reach up and take him where he needed to go like it normally did. Cyril frowned and tapped the ground again, still nothing. Cyril was very worried now, Heaven wasn’t responding to him anymore.
The last time he had had contact with Heaven was when he was doing a scan of the planet. Heaven was sentient and had poured itself into Cyril, trying to tell him something and knocked him out by accident. Cyril had gotten an impression of panic and distress, and then nothing. As if it were sleeping. Or dead. But no! It can’t be dead, can’t be! Cyril looked up at the moon which was visible this time of day. If Cyril wanted any more information he needed to get to the Silver Palace which completely took up the moon. But first there was another thing that needed to be checked out. Cyril double tapped his spaceship (this was part of a prearranged system which meant for the ship to follow him) and flew off into the sky. Earlier he had been running a geological and atmospherical scan on Heaven and found that on the very opposite end of the planet, a mountain had sprouted up and it seemed to be raining constantly there too. Cyril flew silently in thought and the howls of the night wolves echoed through the empty, indigo plains of Heaven. Normally, he would have used the ship to simply teleport there, but it was being oddly unreliable lately. Cyril briefly wondered if the glitches in the ship had anything to do with Heaven’s odd behavior. A very loud roaring sound interrupted his train of thought. “I must be getting near.” Cyril muttered. In the distance there was a huge pool of clearly evaporating water. It was raining the heaviest he had ever seen rain rain. The ground here was also incredibly dry, as if water hadn’t touched it in years despite the fact it was currently raining. Though there was one probably very important piece of information left. It was raining upside down. The entire mountain was letting water up upwards and into the sky where it formed a pool in the atmosphere and seemed to be trailing back around Heaven to the rain cloud on the other side of the Earth.
“WhaT? WHAT?! WHAAT?!” Cyril stood with mouth agape. “This is completely impossible what the hell is happening?” Cyril watched the scene with growing incredulity. He hurriedly went back into his ship to try and diagnose the problem. “Computer, show me the gravity field of Heaven.” A terribly malformed sphere with the west and east sides squashed in appeared. “Hmm. That could explain the odd rain. But what about the mountain and the dry ground? There’s no way rain can go through the entire planet and out to the other side.” Cyril tapped his foot, irritated that he couldn’t figure out why. “I bet that damned dragon didn’t bring things back exactly right.” That would explain a lot. It would also explain why his ship had been malfunctioning so often. “Take me to the Silver Palace.” Cyril punched in the coordinates and prayed it would make it to the right spot. It did. Cyril walked purposefully into his throne room and sat down on his throne. Warmth seeped through him as the planet linked with him once more. Here he could control every aspect of the planet. Cyril couldn’t believe he had not noticed the problem before. He expanded the gravity into its correct shape and pushed the mountain back into its place. Cyril pursed his lips and thought for a moment about how he would fix the problem of rain running straight through the planet. Well what was causing the problem? Was the sand not absorbing the water? Was the water acidic? No it couldn’t be that acidic or else the sand wouldn’t still be there. Cyril then realized there was a hollow tube running through the planet and core. No wonder the gravity field had been thrown off. He fixed that and cleared the skies, spreading the moisture where it actually needed to be. “Excellent. Let’s go make sure everything is fine now.”  Cyril left the Silver Palace and tapped the ground with his silver pike. Nothing came up to take him where he needed to be. This unnerved Cyril very much. Now that he had left the palace he could no longer feel the planet’s presence in his head. This could not be good.
Cyril arrived at the Stairway to Heaven. He hiked up the cliff and stood on the bank of the river that was now roaring mightily and throwing itself off the cliff. Words were still carved deeply into the ground, as fresh as they had been when he had left it. “We come.”

Word Count: 1,006 and x1.3 for WTC

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PostSubject: Re: A Few Glitches   Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:56 pm

2,500 PL, 1,250 Z.....

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A Few Glitches
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