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 A dojo{training}

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PostSubject: A dojo{training}   Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:37 pm

Zayn walk through the street of east city on a sunny day. He been searching for a new way to train. He then walk pass an advertise, saying "come on down to Two dojo where all the strongest come here to train free if you register now. He read the ad, and saw the address wasn't far from where he was standing. Zayn flew up into the skies, flying over a skyscraper. He stared around the city, he spotted out the dojo a block away. He flew down in front of the golden doors. Zayn never train in public, but he needed a place with advance materiel. He open the right door, as he walk in looking causal. He saw a man in his mid-30's, with a puffy beard standing 7 feet tall. Zayn walk up to the man "um excuse me I heard this was a place for training and I would like to register" he said, in a nervous tone of voice. The man went over the his desk and grab a clipboard. "Here kid sign your name here" the man said, looking like he havent slept in days. Zayn sign his name on the clipboard, passing it back to the man "alright let start with the basics follow me". He shrug, and follow the man. Zayn notice an 3rd degree black belt student breaking a board of wood "wow that guy". The man turn around "that guy over there is the top student in the whole dojo. In an instant, he ran over there to give him a solid kick in the face. The guy landed on his back unconscious "looks like I'm the top dog around here" he said, with a smirk on his face. The other students ran up to him all yelling "you have disgrace our dojo you shall suffer". Zayn did a ki blast blowing half of the dojo into pieces, the man glared at him with fear in his eyes. "I own this dojo now fool" he said, as he kick the man at a near by coffee shop. He walk on the side walk, pretending that nothing never happened.

Word count: 358
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PostSubject: Re: A dojo{training}   Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:38 pm

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A dojo{training}
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