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 Solar Saiyans (Special)

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Probably a Clone
Probably a Clone

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PostSubject: Solar Saiyans (Special)   Sun Jul 21, 2013 3:10 am

The Solar Saiyans... where to begin? Ah. The beginning. They were there. The Solar Saiyans. Along iwith other mythic Cosmic Saiyans. They don't age. Merely have "life stages"--- they periodically forget their past life stage and begin again. Return to fetal stage, impregnating powerful Saiyan women. But they remember in times of great unbalance. They remember all but the beginning. Solar Saiyans are hard to tell from normal Saiyans...  other than the fact some are orange. But some look identical to any other Saiyan. And there's no biological way to observe the gene before it becomes active. It activates when the Solar goes SSJ2 for the very first time for that life stage. If you're wanting to become one, it's very improbable Oran will allow you. But... to be one, your character must be a Saiyan. Just a normal Saiyan. And then, before you transform to SSJ2, ask Oran. If yes, then a 1 in 20 die will be rolled.

Starting PL- 1250

Racial Trait- Coronal Zenkai
When your health drops to 10% or below, all stats increase 15%.
Drawback: You faint in three turns unless you defeat an opponent.

Ancient Zenkai- Gain 15% stats if defeated in battle


All Saiyan transformations below SSJ3.

Super Solar Saiyajin
Requirements: Go SSJ2 once; PL 80,000
Gains: 125,000 PL, 65000 HP, Your sheer power negates one attack upon transforming. ((Instablock))
Drawback: Cannot flee; lasts 4 turns; -35000 stamina.
Details: Your eyes burn red. Your blonde hair has red light shining from it. Your skin radiates white light. You... feel weak...

Super Solar Saiyajin 2
Req: 500,000 PL
Gains: 500,000 PL
Drawbacks:- 6 turns; -100,000 speed
Details: Your flaming hair grows longer. The ground you step on blazes. You have overcome the debilitated muscles but... now you're slower...
Req: 2,500,000 PL; Died at least once
Gains: X3 Ki, Stamina, 2X Speed 1.5X HP
Drawbacks: Permadeath; 7 turns; not flee
Details: Your aura becomes pure blue and white flames, your hair pulses red and blonde. Your soul now feels the burden of this form...

Super Solar Saiyajin Godu
Req: 100,000,000,000 PL
Gains: 5X all stats
Drawbacks: Err... you actually have to get a PL of 100B.
Details: The perfect form. You can see and rewrite time, physics, logic. You are the pinnacle of the universe. No. Of all reality.

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Probably a Clone
Probably a Clone

Posts : 1280
Join date : 2013-07-15
Age : 20
Location : Alford, FL

PostSubject: Re: Solar Saiyans (Special)   Sun Jul 21, 2013 3:13 am

(For all transformations unspecified--- health added is half of PL gain rounded to nearest thousand.)

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Solar Saiyans (Special)
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