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 The Ix

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PostSubject: The Ix   Sun Sep 22, 2013 4:44 pm

The Ix
The Ix were created by the angelic Seraph race. Originally they were a race of peaceful and intelligent people, but now they have turned warlike. The Ix are often called The Fallen by the Seraph race because of this. They are considered cold and calculating, ready to wipe out an entire race to benefit themselves. Which they almost did, they wiped out the Seraph race almost entirely in the War of The Fallen. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who you are), Cyril has managed to resurrect the Seraph and the Ix have only recently arrived in this universe.
The Ix are reminiscent of Homo Reptilian with humanoid bodies but reptilian skin and body parts.

Starting Stats – 800PL
Racial Traits

The Ix have no reserves when it comes to winning, nothing is below them. They can dole out 5% of their power level without losing any stats once per topic.

The Ix poisons an enemy and it removes 10% of one of an enemy's stats once per topic.


Cold-Blooded (Permanent)
Requirements: 50,000 PL; 600 word post
Gains: +15,000 PL
Drawbacks: Being cold blooded makes you slow. -1,000 speed
Details: You have reached a state of mind that gives you incredible focus and control.

Gene Imperfection (Permanent):
Requirements: 300,000 PL; 500 word post
Gains: 150,000 PL, + 15,000 Strength or Ki
Drawbacks: -20,000 Ki if you chose Strength or -20,000 Strength if you chose Ki
Details:  You have reached a stage in your life in which an imperfection in your gene code has given you strength but also a debilitation, it’s not too much of a big deal though.

The Change (Permanent):
Requirements: 600,000 PL; 700 word post
Gains:  300,000 PL; +50,000 any stat excluding Health
Drawbacks: -60,000 Stamina
Details: There comes a point in every Ix’s life when the Change overcomes them. You double in size and power but the sudden change has taken a bit out of you.

Mimicry (Temporary):
Requirements: 900,000 PL; 800 post
Gains: x2.5 PL; opponents racial trait.
Drawbacks: Lasts 7 of your posts. Once you leave this form your racial trait is disabled.
Details: When the Seraphim created the Ix they did not expect you to reach such power. To survive you must now mimic other, more stable, races. You may copy your opponent’s racial trait for the duration of this trans., but be careful as you are at a delicate state of being. (Permadeath)

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The Ix
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