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 More training {Training}

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PostSubject: More training {Training}   Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:32 am

((Training takes place before Myrad came to earth))

Myrad yawned as he raised his hands high in the air, scowling at no one in particular. It was about time for his daily training regime, and he was less than happy, someone had decided that it would be appropriate to awaken Myrad from his sleep just because the tyrant Freezer burn, or whatever his name was coming. Myrad didn’t really care... at least at that moment. Myrad snapped back at the saiyan to mind his own business and let him go back to sleep but it was too late. Myrad had spent the next 10 minutes trying to return to his resting but it was futile, he was awake and so were the voices in his head.

The voices began to pound at Myrad’s skull poking and prodding his mind, telling him over and over again to train. Myrad pulled at his covers to try and convince the voices to for once let him sleep through the day. The voices got louder and louder as the began to throw curses and slurs and if it wasn’t for them being mere voices Myrad was sure that they would be throwing objects at him trying to convince him to go.

Finally Myrad gave in. Picking himself up from the bed he slowly began to make his way to the training room. As he began to walk toward the training room he noticed another saiyan coming his way. It was the same Saiyan who woke up Myrad much to his dismay. Myrad couldn’t remember the saiyan’s name exactly but he did remember that it had something that ended in -ggot. Taggot? Aggot? Draggot?..... Myrad continued guessing for a few moments but decided that if he kept going trying to figure out the Saiyan’s name he would end up calling him a very unsavory name.

Myrad continued to make his way toward the training room. Once he got there he began to slowly open the door. In his mind Myrad began to wonder exactly what kind of training would he do? Last time he was in there he was working on energy attack training so maybe more of that? Once Myrad got the door the voices began to smash at his skull repeating the same sentence over and over again, “Stop thinking and start training!” Myrad’s teeth clenched as he reached for his skull. It was both annoying and painful to have to listen to the voices in his head all day when all they wanted was one thing... and that was for Myrad to train. Couldn’t they once want to take a nap or something?

Once Myrad regained his composure he noticed that he wasn’t alone in the room. There was another Saiyan, someone who Myrad was much more familiar with then Taggot. Raising a single hand in the air he greeted his Saiyan master. “Yo! Mokra what are you doing here?”

Without waiting for an answer Myrad walked over with Mokra to the armor rack. From what Myrad could tell the armors were lined up by matter of weight. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Without thinking Myrad began to reach for the 9th to test the weight. Snatching it up Myrad could feel the weight but it didn’t feel as heavy as he thought it would.

Putting it back down Myrad took Mokra’s advice and put on the 10 armor. It was heavier than the 9 and was a bit harder to walk in too. So to the voices in Myrad’s head it was perfect. Slipping it on Myrad began to jump back and forth on the ball of his heels trying to get himself use to the weight. It was important to him that he knew exactly how well he could move with the weights on.

Fortunately for Myrad, Mokra seemed to have the perfect way for Myrad to test how well he could move in the armor. From the ceiling the guns were lowered and began to fire at Myrad and Mokra. Mokra seemed able to easily avoid the blasts but Myrad was having a harder time. Not being use to the weight on his body, Myrad had to put more effort in even the littlest movements let alone completely avoiding a blast. In his mind Myrad was screaming trying to use all of his energy to just avoid or two blasts.

Somehow as if by luck, Myrad was able to completely avoid most of the gun shots and was doing just as well as Mokra even with the heavy armor on his body. But then, Mokra decided that it would be appropriate to shove the little Saiyan at the gun so that he was standing in point blank range of the gun.

The voices in Myrad’s mind began to laugh as Myrad began to expand most of whatever energy he had left trying to avoid the blast. Everywhere he moved the gun followed. From Myrad’s perspective there were no openings and no time for him to think up a plan. Then the gun fired once again, this shot was fired toward Myrad’s head. At that moment Myrad could see it. It was a way for him to counter the gun. Rolling his head to the side to avoid the blast Myrad raised his hand and shouted as an energy blast left his hand and smashed right into the barrel of the gun causing the gun to explode.

Sighing Myrad lifted both of his arms stretching. Then he began to crotch down and pushed off with his two feet. He still wasn’t done seeing how well he could move in the armor. As he moved into the air he noticed a familiar saiyan attempting to ram what was now thin air. Coming down from his jump Myrad smiled as he attempted to drop kick Mokra after watching him fail an assault. “Come on!!! I’ve seen better sneak attacks from my grandmother” Myrad mocked with a wide grin.

Myrad smiled. Look like Mokra wasn’t going to be much of a challenge. His original attack had seemed to fail and if that was all he had Myrad was sure that this was going to be one easy small. Unfortunately for Myrad he was quickly proven wrong, he had seriously underestimated Mokra.

Mokra moved fast as he punched Myrad hard and fast many times. In his mind Myrad began to count each and every punch he took that sent him to the ceiling. At that point he counted twenty punches each and everyone harder and faster than the last. From the blows Myrad was somewhat disoriented when Mokra grabbed Myrad’s leg.

Pulling him down Myrad raised his arms completely helpless to block the kick that Mokra sent at Myrad’s face but Myrad was able to roll his head over slightly to dodge the kick or at least he tried. The kick alone sent Myrad back at the opposite wall. Coughing as he was leaning on the wall Myrad began to charge his energy. It didn’t look like Mokra was holding back so neither would Myrad.

Myrad began to increase his ki to it’s full strength. The scouter beeped as Myrad’s strength increased. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Myrad yelled until his power reached its full 16,000 units. Once he hit his limit Myrad stopped screaming and stood there for a moment and let Mokra sink it in, that Myrad was a lot stronger than what he use to be. Then Myrad disappeared when he reappeared he was already inches from Mokra. “Don’t underestimate me..” With that sentence Myrad sent a strong uppercut to Mokra stomach. When it hit it’s mark Myrad smiled. He was just getting started. If Mokra wanted a real fight, well here Myrad was... and he wasn’t going to hold back.

As Mokra pulled himself off of Myrad’s punch and began to cough blood, Myrad couldn’t help but feel pride in his attack. Mokra was no weakling, Myrad knew that and even though he didn’t know the power of most of the other saiyans who lived on the ship he had a feeling that Mokra was one of the strongest.

As Mokra began to charge his energy, Myrad attempted to do the same. Why? one might ask it was the only thing that kept Myrad from trembling the thought that Mokra’s first onslaught was still just him holding back. It was a thought that Myrad couldn’t bare to have, neither would his pride allow it.

Pushing off with his left leg, Myrad wasn’t going to allow himself to be outclassed and neither would the voices in his head. They were right behind him, they wanted to show Mokra just how strong Myrad was... Especially if it made Myrad train. Raising his fist, he threw it as hard as he could at Mokra.


Myrad felt the hard fist of Mokra collide with his face, but he knew so did Mokra. Seemed they had both hit the other. Smiling Myrad pulled back fist, If this was Mokra’s full power then Myrad didn’t have much to worry about, for a moment he thought they were worlds apart apparently they were closer in power then he thought. “Heh, You thought I just sat around staring at women? I’ve been training.”

Stepping away from Mokra, Myrad laughed at his statement of Myrad being a man. “And I guess I better stop treating you like the wuss you are.” Lifting his leg he copied Mokra and began to charge at him. With one hand he intercepted the blast with one of his own and when he got in range he rolled over to dodge Mokra’s punch and sent him a punch of his own.

Once they collided, Mokra and Myrad went of a exchange, Myrad and Mokra received and blocked multiple punches. Each side giving and receiving a fair amount of damage. Then Myrad smiled as he pushed into the exchange and grabbed Mokra’s head with both of his hands. Then he brought his knee up to Mokra’s face once, twice, then three times before letting go and knocking Mokra away using his tail. “Is that all you got”

At that point the battle became a match of energy blasts. Myrad started it off by sending multiple energy blasts at Mokra. Mokra merely laughed as he intercepted each and every blast with one of his own before firing another energy blast which collided right into Myrad.

Falling to the ground, Myrad pushed off with his right foot and rushed toward Mokra. Laughing Myrad raised his fist again. Aiming it at Mokra’s face. Once Myrad got close enough to Mokra he would raise his other hand out and fired another energy blast from his other hand.

Mokra's smirk grew into a laugh as he intercepted each and every one of Myrad's blasts. A more charged and powerful blast made by Mokra flew into Myrad and hit Myrad. Mokra chuckled as the younger saiyan fell to the ground. "Guess you're not that tough either...heh bastard." Mokra chuckled again.

Mokra went back to his little douche smirk, when Myrad came at him. As Myrad was getting close to Mokra, and let out a blast, Mokra grinned, much more sadistically than before. He made a continous blast, that destroyed Myrad's little attempt of harming Mokra with energy. As Myrad got closer, Mokra grabbed his fist, and with his other hand, punched him in the face.

The younger saiyan flew back, and hit the wall, as Mokra appeared next to him. He proceeded to flip in the air, sideways, and kick Myrad in the face. The younger saiyan's head actually broke through the wall, as Mokra laughed. Wondering what Myrad was seeing on the other side.

Fair enough, Mokra waited a bit. Myrad was able to take his head out of that recently done hole, making the fight normal again. That was, before Mokra froze Myrad. His telekinesis always became useful in those situations. Mokra chuckled as his eyes became less dark.

As Myrad was paralyzed in front of him, Mokra hovered in the air, and placed a clenched fist in front of himself. His aura powered up immensely, hitting the ceiling. It turned normal, as a small yellow see through sphere formed itself around Mokra. "You'll like this attack. Maybe it reminds you of something. Well, don't even compare it to what it was before." Mokra finished talking and smirked.

Mokra kept looking as Myrad seemed to be huffing. The older saiyan appeared in front of Myrad, elbowing him in the face. The younger saiyan was thrown back, but quickly returned to his position, and surprised Mokra by swinging his leg at him. Mokra held out his arm, as the kick hit it. Mokra's aura exploded sending the younger saiyan back a bit.

Mokra's eyes widened, as he saw Myrad prepare a move he himself had showed him before. That blast was gonna go unanswered. Mokra curled his fingers and placed both of his hands together at his chest level, using the palm of one hand behind the other. Mokra gathered an immensely high amount of KI. Afterwards, he thrust his hands forward, and yelled. "GALICK GUN...FIRE!!!" Mokra's blast exited his hands and flew against Myrad's. Quickly gaining territory.

Soon enough, his attack overwhelmed Myrad's. Mokra sent most of his energy through his attack, so the galick gun would get much more powerful. Myrad was hit by the pinkish attack, and Mokra watched as he fell to the ground. Hope I didn't kill the kid.

Myrad took the of the punishment that Mokra sent out. He watched as Mokra dispatched his less than par energy blasts. He took the energy blasts and the attacks that Mokra sent out. He was paralyzed by Mokra and without being able to move he took the energy blasts. His injured form was then continuously pummeled by the older saiyan. Then came the Galick gun the strong light overcame Myrad’s energy blast so easily causing a charred form that was once considered to be Myrad to hit the ground.

Mokra’s face looked worried when he saw Myrad’s ashes hit the ground but a single sentence caused him to snap out of it. The voice was deep and familiar, it came from behind him and it was accompanied with a laugh. “Don’t underestimate me, MULTIFORM BITCH!!!!” Mokra would turn his head to find a nearly unscathed Myrad both holding his tail giving him a powerful fist to his face. Watching him flinch from the slightly powerful punch Mokra could feel that the punch didn’t hurt that much even with Myrad grabbing his tail.

Apparently Myrad had used the multiform technique after he had gotten out of the hole in the wall. It made sense that he would use it to get a good shot on Mokra. Before he was able to dispel the clones at ease during their first spar but this one was a bit more sturdier than the older ones had been. It withstood Mokra’s onslaught and gave Myrad a chance to plan his retaliation. After Mokra had expended a good amount of energy dispatching the clone of Myrad. Myrad went into action.

Myrad smiled, His goal wasn’t just to grab Mokra’s tail. Another one of his clones appeared in front of Mokra who was preoccupied with the real Mokra and gave him a swift and equally strong as the punch myrad gave to Mokra kick to Mokra’s tender loins. Unfortunately due to the fact of the loins being a tender area of the body even more so than the tail. He could do nothing but crumble to the pain. Myrad laughed as his clone elbowed Mokra on the top if his head. The blow was sure to rattle Mokra’s mind for a moment. Myrad continued to laugh as he began to form his pile driver. Once he was finished, he and his clone fused back together giving Okar his original PL back and he dropped.

With his power Myrad hit the ground using all of his strength to make sure that Mokra hit the ground face first. One he was done he let go of Mokra’s body and took a few steps back. It was humorous that this man had crushed his clone so easily and fell from a tail grab and a kick to the groin. Sighing Myrad decided that he might as well finish it the same way Mokra was going to finish it. Jumping into the sky Myrad charged his energy into his hands and fired multiple energy shots down upon Mokra smashing him into the ground. The blasts smashed into the training ground hundreds of times before Myrad stopped. Sighing to himself he began to walk off. He had lost interest in the fight.

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PostSubject: Re: More training {Training}   Sun Sep 29, 2013 1:17 pm

Okay first off, you and Lilith can't just put "Takes place before we came to Earth" The only reason your training should take place off of the planet you are on is if you are remembering something. So if you wanted something like this to be okay you would need to put something about yourself of Earth remembering this. I'll let it slide this time though. Also your stats are wrong.

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More training {Training}
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