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 Helltia Hellfira

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PostSubject: Helltia Hellfira   Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:44 pm

Basic Information

Name: Princess Helltia HellFira
Age: 16
Birth Place: Hell Fire (destroyed planet)
Gender: Female
Race: demon (hell fire)
Hell fire: a planet where the races are made of demons more like half breeds. They are demons that escaped hell and moved to their own planet there they actually took over one that was inhabited by humans. They started to breed with each other. Causing a bunch of half breeds, that soon became just demons that had human features but demons as well. But after a couple hundred years, the planet was destroyed leaving only a handful of survivors (10) that escaped with a ship. Helltia’s father was a leader. She is sent to find a new home for her people after they landed on the planet of Namek.
Current Planet: Earth
Alignment: Neautral (leans more towards good)
Helltia was born to the demon king of Hell fire, and her mother the half demon queen of hell fire. She had many brothers and sisters. But she was a strong fighter, but as well as a dancer. Helltia loved to dance on fire and in the palace. She would dance along the gardens that her mother created. She would always have to compete with her siblings for status markers in the family. Didn’t help that Helltia was one of the smallest looking members of the family, but she was the only one that looked most like her mother. But she had her father’s horns. She looked up to her parents alot, and always tried to please them. Soon she did become the favorite with her studies and everything she worked so hard on. She would walk hand in hand iwth her parents. Her mother would teach her to dance and be a graceful woman, the peace that the people taught.
When Helltia was 11, the sun burst destroyed the planet.But her and ten people were the only survivors. Helltia led the people to Namek after a year where they landed. The namek’s welcomed the people whom were hungry and wanting rest. Seeing her people without a home or place to belong, she promised them that she would find them a home. She was the last of her family. She had to do her people justice. She heard rumor of dragon balls on earth knowing that she could possibly bring back her planet. Helltia traveled the universe with a ship only to finally find earth four years later. She has spent the last year workings and finding the dragon balls. She wanted to find her people a home.She will stop it nothing to help ehr people.
She is a kind and sweet girl underneath that loves to dance and make people smile. But outside, she is a cold looking royal that will stop it nothing for her people. To find the dragon balls and bring her people back to their homeworld. Helltia will die for what she believes in and what she wants. Helltia loves music, but she also loves quiet. She is a strong fighter though. Wanting to train when she isn’t looking for dragon balls. She loves sweet and cute things, but tries not to show it. But she loves stuffed animals and cute dresses. She looks cute but she packs a punch.
Other Information:
Physical Profile

Height: 5’1
Weight: 98
Physical Appearance:

PL: 750

HP: 150
Stamina: 200
Speed: 200
Ki: 200
Aura Color: red


Theme Song(s):
Voice Actor/Actress (ENG):
Voice Actor/Actress (Alt. Language):
BB: (BB, or beginner battle. They’re here to help grasp the Battle System by having you and an old member fight. You can’t die in these, and you gain a PL bonus, so there’s no way you can lose at this.)

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Helltia Hellfira
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