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 The Lunar Saiyans {Special}

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PostSubject: The Lunar Saiyans {Special}   Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:17 am

The Lunar Saiyans. Basically, Solar Saiyans, except without all of the Orange-y-ness. Along with Solar, and Cosmic Saiyans, they don’t age, as well. There are no noticeable features on Lunar Saiyans to be told from normal Saiyans. Except for when a Lunar Saiyan turns SSJ2 for their first time. But... to be one, your character must be a Saiyan. Just a normal Saiyan. And then, before you transform to SSJ2, ask Oran. If yes, then a 1 in 20 die will be rolled.

Starting PL – 1250
Racial Trait – Umbral  Zenkai – When your health drops to 10% or below, all stats increase 15%
Passive:  +10% to all Stats when on full moon
Drawbacks: You faint in three turns if someone’s consciousness isn’t taken away. (Doesn’t apply to passiveness

Ancient Zenkai- Gain 15% stats if defeated in battle

All Saiyan Transformations below SSJ3

Super Lunar Saiyan
Requirements: Go SSJ2 Once; PL 80,000 (Mastery: 160,000 PL)
Gains: +75,000 PL to distribute; +37,500 HP
Drawbacks: Cannot Flee, or switch out; Lasts 4 Turns
Details: Your hair begins to spike, a blue tint is thrown in there, your aura gives off a cold chill to people directly next to you.

Super Lunar Saiyan 2
Req: 500,000 PL; 250,000 HP (Mastery: 1,000,000 PL)
Gains:  +350,000 PL; +175,000 HP
Details: Your hair grows longer, the color turning into a white, blue color. The floor you step on freezes.

Req: 2,500,000 PL; Died at least once, and discussed the trans. With Kai/Dabura (Mastery: 5,000,000 PL)
Gains: X3 Ki, Stamina, 2X Speed 1.5X HP
Drawbacks: Lasts 7 Turns; Permadeath
Details: Your hair grows long, it’s pure white, everything you touch goes past freezing point.

Super Lunar Saiyan Deity
Req: 100,000,000,000 PL
Drawbacks: Permadeath


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The Lunar Saiyans {Special}
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