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 Xeranos Alister

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PostSubject: Xeranos Alister    Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:56 pm

Basic Information

Name: Xeranos Alister
Age: 5031
Birth Place: HFIL
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Current Planet: Earth
Alignment: Neutral

Biography: There are those who serve my boy, those who farm the food we eat. Those who rule over us, those who record our history. And then there is us, those who wage war, and do the royals’ dirty work. But remember my son, you have a long and proud history. We are the arm of the law, we are the vanguards of justice, and soon you and your sister will follow in the footsteps of your forefathers. And then and only then will you truly understand, why you were born into this family. I love you son, and though I will not be with you always, I will live on in your spirit.” When Xeranos’ father spoke those words to him at a young age, he didn’t quite understand them. Though soon he would learn what he meant, in the months that followed Xeranos and his sister would be trained by their uncle on their fathers side of the family. Their Uncle Riovan, was the head of the discipline core of the hades maximum security prison where the underworlds greatest criminals. Riovan was a master in all weaponry, though the one that caught his nephews attention the most was swords. Xeranos dreamed of being a master swordsman, he worked night and day at his craft, while he worked in one area, his sister began to master all of the weapons. Becoming proficient at all of them. When the two turned thirteen they were separated from one another. His sister being groomed to be a loyal vassal to one of lords of hell. The two were heart broken to have to be separated from one another, though they would get to see each other often because they lived in the same house. It just wasn’t the same, they were each other’s main competition. And without the competitive nature of training it wasn’t as fun as it used to be.

In his teen years, Riovan would become his full time trainer/teacher. Training him in the art of kendo, and of energy control and concentration. It took Xeranos months to master the art of energy control, and how to disperse it in a concentrated swing of his sword, or blast from his hands. Riovan watched him turn from a wide eyed little boy into a powerful, and proud demon warrior. On his sixteenth birthday, his mother came to him with the idea of an arranged marriage. His sister was adamant that he marry young so he could produce an heir for the family as fast as possible. But no one cared about what Xeranos wanted. He was more concerned about his future as a warrior, and how much stronger he could get. In the months to come his father would fall ill, and eventually pass on the title of head of the family to his son. He was so young, and still had much to learn. And now it was time for him to come face to face with the overlord of hell. Since his family was the warrior class, he was now the general of hells army. His uncle told him to not be nervous, their overlord was a benevolent leader, a proud and noble demon. But to remember to treat him with respect. Xeranos was dressed in his fathers best robes and complemented by his families sword, and overcoat with the family crest on the back. This was his first official meeting since he become the head of the Alister house. The overlord motioned him to come in, he was accompanied by his mother, and his sister who looked beautiful in their formal clothing. The overlord spoke with him about what he expects from him. How he wanted him to remember that he is the face of hell, because he is the general of hells army. The meeting then turned to pleasantries and wine drinking, with a cigar after it was over. The two embraced and shook hands as a sign of good will for their future together.

Heaven was growing too strong, and the overlord knew it. It was only a matter of time before the seraph and arch angel were at his door steps making demands to keep the peace. He called a meeting with heads of each of the classes. The meeting lasted three days with nothing but arguing back and forth until the overlord had, had enough. He looked to his young general and asked him, what he thought they should do. Xeranos was so nervous he felt his heart go right into his throat. He didn't know what to say, until he heard a giggle from the head of medic class. She didn’t look to much older than he did. Yet she was mocking him. He then stood up and looked to his overlord and said. “My lord if they bring the seraph and arch angel, they don’t want a peace treaty. I say we strike now before they do the same to us.”  He then sat himself down and looked at head of the medic class, she still laughed at him. He didn’t know what her problem was. After a vote, they all agreed to strike while they could. Put them down before they could do it to them. After the meeting was over, Xeranos lost his aids so he could go after the medic class’ head so he could demand an answer for her disrespect of him. He finally caught her. “Woman, I demand an answer for your disrespect in the war room.” His eyes full of fire and pride. Her eyes full of tears from laughter, laughing at him even now. He grabbed her by the wrist, and pulled her close to him. Looking into her eyes. “I will strike you down where you stand if you do not give me an explanation.” Xeranos was tired of her games. Her aids came to her rescue, but she warded them off. “I laugh because you take yourself to seriously, your still just a kid.” She said with a wink before hitting him in a pressure point to make him let go, temporarily paralyzing him. “Vile woman.” He said looking up at her while she walked away from. She looked back and gave him her name. “By the way my name is Vulcanus.” He would remember that name. And her face.

In the following weeks, the assault on heaven would begin. Xeranos leading the charge racking up the body count all along the way. Heaven’s population was cut in half, but nothing would prepare Xeranos for what would happen next. He made his way to the silver palace looking for the seraph and the arch angel. He walked right into an ambush, the arch angel knocked him out from behind and when he woke up he had lost all of the feeling in his left arm. The angels had paralyzed it. He could no longer use a two handed blade again. But not only that they had put a time bomb into his arm. A holy artifact was now inhabiting in his left arm. It would gradually kill him over time if not removed. The seraph walked over to him got into his face, and began to taunt him. Called him a dog, told him that hell would burn, for what he had done. And that, everyone he held dear was going to die in front of him. Xeranos laughed, and when the seraph got in his face again making threats, Xeranos spit right in his face, and laughed. He then grabbed his sword with his foot, using his ki to control it like a boomerang he decapitated all of the other angels in the room. He laughed insanely as blood covered him from head to toe. He then released the limitations on his ki, breaking the chains that held him. He then went after the seraph, but he had already made his escape. But forgot his lap dog the arch angel. A look of pure insanity and blood lust on his face. The arch angel begged for forgiveness paralyzed by fear. “God, forgives, I do not.” He said as he cut the arch angel right down the middle. Vulcanus and her medical staff rushed to the scene hearing his insane laughter. They barged in finding him walking to the door with the arch angels severed head. An evil grin painted on his face, his demonic ki had manifested itself into a blood rage. His hair was snow white, eyes red as blood. Ears pointed, and teeth as sharp as a wolfs. before he could get to the door, he passed out and smacked his head on the floor, causing himself to lose the memories of the event. He woke up in his bed, with his mother by his side and Vulcanus performing  treatment to his severely damaged left arm.

Xeranos looked over to Vulcanus. “Is there anything you can do for my father?” He asked her. In his current state he could not lead his family. Though he was never truly ready to do so in the first place. He knew this would only be temporary. She informed him that there was indeed something she could do. She needed him to go to the human world to find a list of herbs that only grow there so she could make the medication to heal him. She finished treating his arm, he had regained a bit of his strength though he would still put it in a sling before he left. He made his way to the human world. He was informed that his sister had gone missing and that he should also look for her as well. He made his way to the human world, where he came upon a particularly interesting human. He was practicing a ki technique. He watched him closely, before he revealed himself. When he did so it scared the crap out of ryuga. He accidentally fired a kamehameha at him. Xeranos cut it down the middle with his sword, and asked if he meant to do that on purpose. Ryuga assured him it was an accident. The two exchanged names, and began to get to know one another, though they looked to be about the same age, Xeranos was a few thousand years older than him. After hearing about his father, ryuga promised to help him find all of the herbs and look for his sister.

Personality: Xeranos is a very calm individual, level headed and well mannered. He respects others, as long as they respect him. He will always try to avoid conflict, if he can help it. Noble demons do not spill blood needlessly. He prefers to choose his words instead of shooting his mouth off. He has a pleasent aura about him. Always trying to wear a smile in tough times. He will crack the occasional joke, and always try to look on the bright side of a bad situation. In battle his blood takes over, making him a cold and calculated killer. If you have pushed him to the point of violence the time of words are over. The only words he will speak is his opponents last right before he finishes them off.

Other Information: Xeranos is a master swords man, skilled in the art of sword play, and blades in general.
Physical Profile

Height:  6'11
Weight:  220 pounds
Physical Appearance:  

PL: 750

HP: 375
Ki: 200
Aura Color: Garnet


Theme Song(s): Bring them to light- Apocalyptica
Voice Actor/Actress (ENG): Troy Baker
Voice Actor/Actress (Alt. Language):  Suzuki Tatsuhisa
BB: No

*: Unnecessary
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Xeranos Alister
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