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 {Interactive Quest} A Sparring Partner

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PostSubject: {Interactive Quest} A Sparring Partner   Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:24 pm

Bored? Lonely? Itching to fight because you're a homicidal maniac? All three? Well lucky you, Capsule Corp knows exactly what demographic it's appealing to! They sell custom robots specifically made to die! And because this is only the beta version of their product, you get it for free! Just send them a letter detailing your ideal sparring partner and it'll arrive as soon as possible! After having defeated (or been defeated by) the robot, send a letter telling Capsule Corp how much you enjoyed their product!

Requirements: Post about sending a letter detailing the specs of your sparring partner to Capsule Corp. After battle, post a review of the product in the same topic.

Gains: +10% Normal Gains.

Template For Letter-

Name of Robot: Not required.
Race: Required.
Physical Description: Not Required.
Gender: Not required.
Powerlevel of Robot: Required.
Ki: If left blank, Capsule Corp will distribute the power level how it sees fit.
Speed: ^
Stamina: ^
Known Techniques of Robot: If left blank, the robot will come with only Ki Blast and Flight.
Items Owned By Robot: Not required.

Note: An admin or mod will log onto the Quest NPC character to fight.

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{Interactive Quest} A Sparring Partner
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