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 The Novae Seraphim

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PostSubject: The Novae Seraphim   Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:05 pm

”Interdimensional travel doesn’t always work out.” – No one ever.

Cyril fell to one knee and cried out with pain. Red ki played across his back and stung him. He struggled to his feet, but another surge over came him and forced him to his knees. He could feel the ki within him boiling and rebelling against him. A sharp pain stabbed him in the chest. “Aaaghh!” Cyril screamed. His four white wings jerked about and small feathers dropped and dissociated in a spark of ki. Cyril was soon engulfed in a shower of red and white ki. “W-What’s happening?” Cyril groaned in pain and confusion. He passed out and his body convulsed in pain.

Cyril lay there undisturbed for almost twenty four hours, shaking and moaning in pain. When he awoke he felt numb. Empty. Sick. Just… wrong. Cyril slowly put his hands over his face and looked thoroughly pitiful. “Ugh…” he groaned, “What’s wrong with me?”  He stayed on the ground without moving for a bit, waiting for his mind to catch up. “I… I just need to lay here for a moment.” He sighed. He watched the clouds pass over the dark blue sky. In the distance the night wolves howled menacingly. Cyril yawned, and with an empty feeling fell back into unconsciousness.
Cyril awoke again within a few hours. This time he felt he had enough energy to get up. But he still felt… wrong. Cyril got up feeling strange yet energized. As if he could fly around the planet a couple hundred times. He glowed with power and his eyes were now flecked with gold. Cyril pumped his wings up and down and rose into the air with a whoosh. [i] Whoosh!]/i]
Cyril flew across an ocean and aggressive, carnivore whales leapt from the waves and tried to drag him from the sky. Cyril ignored those. He had to get to the New Academy of Heaven to find out what the hell this transformation was and why he had never heard of it before. Cyril reached the coast and flew over several miles of land until he found himself at the huge Academy compound. Various ridiculously dangerous experiments were being conducted. Cyril landed and burst through the Academy doors for probably the third or fourth time since Heaven had been moved. A scientist groaned.

“What is it this time sir?” One asked, worried.

“There’s a new stage in our development before the Sixth Wing now.” Cyril stated, a crackle of red ki snapped around him and he winced, “And it HURTS.”

“Really?” The scientist looked intrigued. “We’ll get to the anatomy branch then. Come along my liege.”  Cyril leaned on the scientist and was escorted to the branch of life sciences.

There they tested him rigorously.

A few weeks later they got their answers.

Cyril was walking out of the Academy with a full report on his situation. He shook his head. “Damn. This universe can’t produce the element giganium and so our biology is now flawed past the 50,000,000 power level mark.”

Word Count: 507 for the Nova Seraph Transformation

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PostSubject: Re: The Novae Seraphim   Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:11 pm

....Dammit all. Approved.

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The Novae Seraphim
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