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 The Characters

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Watashi Artik-

A god that became a man that became a god again. He's the Sun King, head of the Roman Empire of Cosmic Saiyans, as well as the King of Vegeta. He died recently, but as a time traveller, hid younger selves make appearances now and again.

A god turned lord. He's the Lord of Heaven and the President of Earth. Another time traveller, he came from another dimension (the one that created ours) after his planet was destroyed brought it back in our world, and now he is the strongest being in the universe.

Son of Makoto, King of Elysium. He's a bit of a prick.

Once the Prince of Vegeta, he is Artik's oldest friend. Currently gets beat up by his son, Riza.

A bio-tuffle who is learning under Cyril. Her song is just being written.

Hideki Ryuzaki-
A normal, ordinary young man. That is, until Cyril and Artik took him, unwillingly, on a tour through time and space.

Bio-android with a bit of a problem withhis Bending of the Elements.

Not all characters are listed here. For the complete list, see 'Character Creation/Approved Characters'
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The Characters
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