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Late Late Night Douche

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PostSubject: Artik/Ryuzaki   Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:09 am

Lyndon Hunter Davis was born in a rather backwoods county in Florida. Hell, it was named after an incredibly racist president. He was raised to be just as racist and bigoted as his father, and his father's father. However, he was exposed to Comedy Central's 'news' programs. They relayed the absurdity of extreme rightism. Hunter slowly shifted from his family's beliefs to become a liberal republican, and then a democrat, a socialist for a brief time, and finally a communist. He writes a lot of useless, and badly written fanfiction in his spare time, along with host DnD parties at his home, with Cyril as the DM.

He has started writing a novella set in 42A, called The Greatest Miracle. It's a heavily cynical and dark tale about the life and deaths of a teenaged Roman named Lumen Cultor. While he misses out on all the action that Arcturius and the Gang have, he does find himself in the aftermath constantly. He realizes that the only way to fix the universe, and to save it from reckless vigilantes, is to become a god by answering the eternal question of Pangertenism, "What is the Greatest Miracle?"

He came across Shattered Hope II about 3.33333 years ago, and tried saving it after  the Grinite Collapse. He eventually tried to regroup his friends (mostly Maneki, Makoto, Preach, Oran, and Krageta) that he made on SH II, and get them to his own version of the site, Shattered Hope III. He is responsible for the Cosmic Saiyans and several key points in lore. Another site was eventually made, the one you're on right now. It's  called SHIV: A New Hoap. Why Hoap? No fucking clue. Ask Oran. Hoap was mainly the work of Oran, with Hunter's help. However, it wouldn't be quite as great as it is now without Cyril, Makoto, and everyday members like yoooouuuu.

Recently, L. Hunter Davis has started up a companion website to Shattered Hope IV, Shattered Hope: The Days of Old, set in 42A, several years before the mass exodus into 42B, and the birth of the Dragon Ball Universe. While it does directly tie-into the history and lore of the Shattered Hope universe, it is the only site as of now to be non-Dragon Ball themed. All of the classic DBZ races aren't present, replaced by their distant ancestors.
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