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Respected New Person
Respected New Person

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PostSubject: Astral   Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:53 pm

Name: Astral
Age:  22
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
Gender:  Male
Race:  Saiyan
Current Planet:  Vegeta
Alignment:  Neutral
Biography: Born poor, became succesful through sheer work, began meditation to find himself.
Then unlocked his power through his self discovery.
Tricked into killing his family with his powers, went to find the people who set him up and lost himself in murdering countless people.
Afterward he got his revenge he began to meditate again and found inner peace.
Personality:  Mysterious, guarded, and profound, fascinated with simple things though. Appreciative of life.
Other Information:  None.

Height:  5'9
Weight:  (125 lbs)
Physical Appearance:  Clean. Long hair (partially dreaded). Decently muscular. Light-skinned.

PL: 900

HP: 450
Ki: 225
Aura Color: Grey-ish Blue
BB: Yes
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Late Late Night Douche
Late Late Night Douche

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PostSubject: Re: Astral   Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:20 pm

Approved. Cyril will do your BB.

Rick's Saga Stats:
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