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 the edge of a new planet

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PostSubject: the edge of a new planet   Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:51 am

Zero flew through the galaxy in search of a new planet that Nova Roma could use to expand their territory. Zero flew through the galaxy in the Slave-I as he neared an uncharted planet. Zero found that the ships scanners indicated a small number of life forms on the planet, at the most one thousand people lived on the planet. Zero landed his ship near the main populace area of the planet, zero then stepped out of the ship. Zero could just barely feel the citizens power they posed no threat to any of the rest of the universe. Zero flew up into the air over the main city were five hundred of the citizens lived, the rest were scattered into two other cities around the planet. Zero floated above the city as he watched the people go about their daily lives. Zero drew back his hands, drew in his Ki to his palms, and…. Zero sighed he couldn’t do it he couldn’t kill all of these innocent people who he had never met, he wasn’t about to become like his ancestors. Zero flew back to his ship and saw that some kids were playing very near his ship. The children were playing something similar to hacky sack, something he had seen on earth. Zero walked back into his ship, turned on the navigation system and took off. Zero continued to traverse the galaxy, “computer locate any nearby planets with a population of zero.”
“There are two planets that meet your descripts sir.” The computer chimed back. Zero looked at their coordinates, one was very close to heaven and figured Cyril might already have ownership over that planet, the next was a little ways out from any other planets. Zero decided he would go and see what this planet was all about. The slave-I flew for the small planet and when they got there zero saw that the planet seemed very calm and collective. The slave-I landed on the surface of this new planet and stepped out. Zero saw that there was fresh air here and nothing that would pose a threat. Zero used his ability to sense other life forms and tried to find other beings on the planet. There was nothing on the planet except for a few small animals that lived on the other side of the planet. Zero had done it he had found a new planet for Nova Roma to expand to. Zero quickly got back into the slave-I and marked the coordinates of the planet and flew back to Nova Roma.  When zero arrived at Nova Roma he was greeted by general Laetus, “hello general how are you?”
“I’m fine, how about you, how did it go?”
“I found a small unpopulated planet just outside the range of any other planets.”
“That’s excitant news, and I see you have the coordinates with you as well.” Zero handed the general the coordinate to the planet, “come on inside and well see if we can’t find your reward.”
Word count: 504
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PostSubject: Re: the edge of a new planet   Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:50 pm

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the edge of a new planet
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