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 Cannon fire

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PostSubject: Cannon fire   Sat Feb 08, 2014 1:00 pm

Zero walked along the stone paths on Nova Roma, Modeled after Old Rome from 42A, and this planet is the universe's home to Cosmic Saiyans. The globe is mostly desert peppered with all other biomes. The four corners are ocean. There are two moons and a distant, gigantic sun. Zero had heard that some old Roman legionnaire that charged into battle with the Sun King Artik had managed to learn his signature move. Artik would charge into battle with this attack of Ki volleys. Supposedly you send several highly concentrated Ki projectiles at an opponent, and boom! The amount of Ki you put it into it is doubled! Not only that, but it's twice as difficult to dodge, block, or clash with. The man lived somewhere in the northern part of Cosmopolis (the capital of Nova Roma). Zero walked along the stone path and noticed that the number of houses here were beginning to dwindle. Zero was worried, what if he had missed the house. Zero thought back on the house were the man lived and thought, how could anyone miss a large mansion like green and purple house that had a gothic style roof and a well outside on the lawn. Zero continued to walk along, this path was starting to feel like snake way in Kaio realm. About two minutes later zero came upon the house where the man was supposedly living. Zero walked up and knocked on the door. “What, huh…, who is it?” zero was starting to have flash backs of master Roshi.
“I am zero, I hale from Galacian in the east galaxy. I have come here wondering if you might teach me the Ki Cannon.” The door opened slowly as a small man with wrinkles on his face appeared in the door way. “The Ki Cannon, but that was Artik’s move. Isn’t he dead? Why should I teach you the move?”
Zero answered, “Yes sir Artik is very much dead, I believe, and I would really appreciate if you would teach me the Ki cannon so that I may use it to protect those that I love, and holed dear to me.”
“Pussy, fine I’ll teach you the move, but be warned I’m not as weak as I seam. I can still fight with the best of them.” Zero and the man stepped out in to the yard and began their training. “Now the first thing you want to do is cuff your palms together, but don’t pull them back, this isn’t the Kamehameha. Next you want to pool all your Ki together into a cannon ball like shape, no squares or triangles. Then you want to make sure you have the target locked because if this attack misses it could go on forever hitting some random asteroid and sending it hurtling in a million pieces at some poor planet.” The man continued by presenting a demonstration on a dummy he had zero set up for him. The man cuffed his fist together, pooled as much Ki in as he wanted and made sure he was going to hit the dummy. The man fired a cannon ball like shot of Ki at the dummy and on impact the ball grew to twice its normal size and completely engulfed the dummy. Zero watched in astonishment as the dummy disappeared right before his eyes. “Now you.” The man said. Zero walked over to the second dummy. He cuffed his hands together, pooled all his energy into them, locked on his target, and released the cannon ball of Ki at the dummy. When the ball hit it did the same as the other one did, the ball grew to twice its normal size and engulfed the dummy. Triumphant zero shook the man’s hand as thanked him for the lesson. Zero walked away happy. “Strange kid.” The man said as he walked back into his house.
Word count:650
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PostSubject: Re: Cannon fire   Sat Feb 08, 2014 1:37 pm


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Cannon fire
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