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 Stat Resets

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PostSubject: Stat Resets   Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:55 am

Stat Resets:
Stat Resets are mystical things that reset your stats to the base power level of your race once you have reached your top transformation. This keeps things from getting too stale once you level out at your top transformation. Stat Resets also come with some nifty perks to make things fun, such as quests and techniques that only people who have reset can do. A certain amount of Stat Rests are also necessary to reach the pinnacle transformations of this site: the Gods of Creation and the Gods of Destruction.

Reset Perks:

  • For every RP (reset point) you can be in an extra topic, up to 4 (stackable with time machine)
  • For every RP you can get a duplicate wish (Say, 1 RP= 2 wishes of power levels from the same summoning)

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Stat Resets
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