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 the lizard man can run

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PostSubject: the lizard man can run   Mon Feb 10, 2014 7:57 pm

Speed, a foreign substance that when injected in to the body gives a sudden thrill ride of excitement. Oh my bad wrong speed, I meant to say. Speed, the distance traveled over any give length of time. The Yardrat speed challenge put this ability of the human body to the test. Recently zero had decided to enter into this contest under the mediocre division of the contest just to see how he could do. Zero made his way to the Yardrat arena were the contest would likely take place. Zero walked up to the information booth and asked the woman standing behind the desk were he should sign up to enter the competition. The lady pointed him in the direction of a sign that said, “Contestants should report to the locker rooms.” Zero thanked the lady and followed the signs to the locker room. Zero, after following some really twist and turns, made his way to the locker room. Zero walked up to the man at the sign up desk and filled out some registry forms. After five minutes of paper work zero was signed up. The man handed zero his number sign and told him to go line up with the rest of the competitors, the competition would be starting soon. Zero lined up with the rest of the contestants and took a starting position. Thirty seconds past and then the referee blew the whistle. The competitors and zero took off as fast as they could. Zero rounded the first marker and then the next. The race was a one hundred meter dash with a marker at each ten meters. Zero realized that in order to win he would have to give it his all. Then zero figured he could just use rush and go really fast and wipe the track with all the other competitors. Zero began to use all his speed as they rounded the ninety meter mark. Zero caught up with the leader and then they both crossed the finish line at the same time. It took the judges a minute to figure the winner. After a few minutes of silence the judges announced that zero had won by a tail, literally zero used his tail to cross the finish line first. The judges allowed this apparently and zero claimed his prize.
Word count: 389
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PostSubject: Re: the lizard man can run   Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:24 pm



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the lizard man can run
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