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 Extreme Nudity?

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PostSubject: Extreme Nudity?   Tue Feb 11, 2014 7:56 pm

Previously on Emily Loses Her Head. (And the rest of her body.)…
“You wont make it to the Source!” it hissed as it sank its claws into her thigh. Emily kicked the demon off her with ease and it slammed into the wall, hard.  It sank onto the floor unconscious. Well, now Emily knew where her next target was. The Source. Emily quickly took control of the demon and rifled around its brain. Emily was assaulted by the hive mind, but she got what she needed before she was forced out. Emily grabbed her body and ran out the door. It opened up into a cavernous hallway with thousands of tunnels. Almost every tunnel was filled to the brim with Oneiroi. There’s no way Emily could kill them all.
A screech went up as one of the demons spotted her. This screech went around the crowd and they all surged towards her. In desperation, Emily abandoned her body and crawled through cracks in the walls. Outside, the Oneiroi fell upon her old body and tore it to shreds. With no time for regret, Emily snuck through the walls until she managed to reach where she believed the Source to be.

Directly after her episode at the Northern Ocean (and I mean directly after. I don’t mean after this and scouting for the Romans. I don’t mean after the Northern Ocean situation and racing at Yardrat. I mean directly after the Northern Ocean thing.), Emily was saved Cyril’s ship. There was a long moment in which Cyril stared at Emily uncertainly as he wondered why she was sans her favorite body. “I’m… I’m just going to let you off near New Aven.” Cyril said slowly as he worked the controls.
“Why? Are you uncomfortable with my nudity, Cyril?” Emily teased.
“Are you really nude if you don’t even have a body to cover with clothing?” Cyril wondered.
Emily shrugged. There was a silence as Cyril worked the controls. “Alright, there you are.” Cyril tossed her a bag of coins, “That should be enough for a new body.” Emily caught the bag deftly.
“So is this like prostitution? I mean you are buying my body.”  Cyril rolled his eyes and he disappeared along with the ship leaving Emily on the edge of New Aven, the capital of Heaven. Emily now took a moment to arrange herself. Emily hadn’t been out of a host for quite awhile, and now that she was so much more powerful than before, she had a bit more flexibility with her form. Emily looked down at herself and found she was more or less around the same stature and build as her previous body had been. She was still a bit… squishy. Emily tightened herself up and she looked about as strong as she felt now. Emily ran her fingers through her hair and found it to be a bit too short for her liking. Her hair lengthened a bit. Much better. Emily strolled into New Aven and began to look for a good body archive to go shopping around. Emily would’ve kept an eye out for a good body among the populous and just kept the money Cyril gave her, but she figured Cyril wouldn’t appreciate that very much so she didn’t. Soon enough, Emily found herself lost in the bustling capital of Heaven with no hope of being found again. Emily looked at all the rising spires and impressive cathedrals around her and tried to remember something Cyril had said about them. Weren’t they government buildings or something? Yeah that sounded right. Emily wandered around, lost, until she gave up and asked for directions. She stopped a vaguely attractive Seraph on the sidewalk, “Excuse me, do you know where a body archive is?” The vaguely attractive Seraph looked around as he thought of the directions, “I think if you go down 2 blocks and take a right there should be a plain, boxy building. That should be it. They’ll have lots of school children and stuff about right now so you should be able to recognize it.” Emily thanked the man and followed his directions. Sure enough she found a plain building with children and their parents walking in and out, chattering excitedly. Emily walked in and approached the counter. Another attractive Seraph met her there. “Hello, are you here for a full body or to see the DNA archives?” the woman asked. “I’d like a full body please.” Emily said. The woman directed her around and Emily browsed the archives for awhile before settling on one eerily similar to the one she had before. “Do you have copies of these bodies or something?” Emily asked as she paid the woman. “Yes actually, we mold these from DNA samples from the main Archive. Though they rarely turn out exactly the same. Tricky business, body farming.” Emily wrapped up the conversation and left with her new body.

Word Count: 821

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PostSubject: Re: Extreme Nudity?   Tue Feb 11, 2014 8:04 pm


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Extreme Nudity?
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