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 Balls. Lovely Balls.

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PostSubject: Balls. Lovely Balls.   Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:29 pm

Cyril, Lord of Heaven and President of Earth and also the planet Glacian’s Dictator with the shortest term ever recorded, was back home. Sort of. He wasn’t literally at home at the Silver Palace, but he was at Heaven which was his home planet. So, close enough right? Cyril could technically say he was at home. So, as I was saying, Cyril, Lord of Heaven and President of Earth and also the planet Glacian’s Dictator with the shortest term ever recorded, was back home. Isn’t it great? Isn’t it grand? Isn’t this the intro to some sort of song from Broadway? Speaking of which, Cyril loved him some Broadway. That was off topic, but whatever you know? It’ll be okay.
Cyril was wearing his usual green, mottle suit jacket and pants. His white dress shirt looked dirty and was unbuttoned giving him a ruffled appearance. His green top hat was in its constant place on his head, as top hats are generally worn on the top of people. Cyril was standing on top of the Stairway to Heaven, a cliff with a waterfall and a pool where the water collected at the bottom. It was a culturally important point on Heaven. Many Lords were chosen here and often the locals come and hold gatherings here as the sun sets. It’s very nice. But it was early morning now, and no one else besides Cyril was there.
Cyril looked out on the horizon and watched the first sun rise. He had been drawn here because he felt the planet calling out to him. Something was wrong and he needed to fix it before things got serious. Suddenly, a pack of Oneiroi sprang from behind him. Almost twelve demons almost immediately sank their claws and teeth into his arms and legs. Pain seared Cyril’s limbs. A 20 foot tall Oneiroi towered above Cyril as the weaker ones knocked him over. The huge demon laid a hand over him to keep him for getting up while he was stunned, and the smaller ones began to rifle through Cyril’s coat and pockets. “I have it!” one of them hissed. Cyril’s ki flared around him and 6 of the Oneiroi disappeared. They were illusions. The other six and the giant yelped and disappeared almost as quickly as they came. Cyril saw one of the demons waving something shiny in the air just before they escaped.
Cyril quickly pat himself down and went through his belongings. His armor was still underneath his clothes. He grasped his ki charm around his neck. That was still there. Cyril patted his pockets. There was the smoke bomb bundle and the small bean bag. But… where was his Dragon Ball Radar? “Oh no…” Cyril whispered. The Oneiroi had just made off with his dragon ball radar and they must plan to summon Herminos. Cyril flapped his wings and rose into the air. His ki was burning around him and the space around him shook with power. Cyril wasn’t about to let the Oneiroi find those dragon balls and wish some hellish destruction on his home. Cyril launched himself in the direction in which the Oneiroi had fled and breached the sonic barrier with his speed. There was a loud [i]boom!]/i] when he took off.
By now the Oneiroi had reached their lair deep underground. They knew they were dead though. They knew there was no escape from an angry Lord of Heaven. But they did not fear death because they would live on in the others and they had succeeded in their mission to find the dragon radar. Their kin would surely find the rest of the balls now and wish for the reign of the Oneiroi to begin. The ground quaked above them and the giant looked up solemnly. He moved so that his body was positioned over his smaller brothers. Cyril smashed through the earth and slammed into the Oneiroi. Their body was smashed into oblivion by Cyril’s massive aura. Never had he been closer to his true form than today.
Cyril ripped through their lair and destroyed each and every demon there. He managed to save his dragon radar before it had been used by any of the Oneiroi. Cyril floated back into the air and looked at the radar. “I should begin taking the dragon’s balls every time they can be used. I can’t let them make a wish on them.” And Cyril went out and found all seven balls.

Word Count: 744 (I have the nano radar or whatever so word count is halved.)

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PostSubject: Re: Balls. Lovely Balls.   Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:33 pm


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Balls. Lovely Balls.
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