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 Pillars of Ragnarok

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PostSubject: Pillars of Ragnarok   Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:09 pm

Name of Tech: Pillars of Ragnarok

Description of Tech: Two fighters synchronize their Ki. The first activates Corona Barrage to send thousands of blasts into the air. The second used Pillars of Ki to turn every blast into a beam of energy. The result is thousands upon thousands of energy beams raining from the sky. An attack that can easily raze an entire planet if they wanted to.

Requirements: 2 people. Both must know Corona Barrage and Pillars of Ki. 1,500,000 Ki. at least 100 posts together

Effects: hits all in topic. Combines Ki of both users. 2x damage, 4x if three or less. Takes two instant dodge moves to avoid damage. ((I.E. two IT uses or one After Image and one IT)) Cannot be reflected. Impossible to dodge using speed.




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Pillars of Ragnarok
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