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Probably a Clone
Probably a Clone

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PostSubject: Telekinesis   Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:06 am

Credit to Chaz.


You figured that being able to control things with the power of your mind may be a useful trick. It's time to train your mind t be able to affect other objects.

(If blocked, the person being slammed will resist and fight back. If dodged, the person will usually disappear just before colliding with the other object.)

Words: 700 PL: Base PL must be atleast 1500 Ki: Ki must be atleast 1000


In combat, you can use telekinesis to launch objects at your opponent instead of ki attacks.

In combat, you can also try to slam opponents into other objects using ki.
Surprise surprise, in combat, you can stop an opponent cold, effectively blocking any stamina-based attack.
Out of combat, you can use telekinesis to help you during quests, for example to reach objects that are normally out of reach.
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Late Late Night Douche
Late Late Night Douche

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PostSubject: Telekinesis II   Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:42 pm

So you wanna be a master of Poké... I mean...
So, you've learned telekinesis? Good. Great! Learn it again, bitch.

Req: Telekinesis, 1,000,000PL; 100 word post on each planet excluding Majin, Yardrat, and Earth. Just go around and feel the pull of gravity on each globe and feel it in you.

All benefits of Telekinesis
Stop an opponent in its tracks and get a free hit in.

Usable once per fight.
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