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 Solution Alpha: Failed

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Solution Alpha: Failed Empty
PostSubject: Solution Alpha: Failed   Solution Alpha: Failed EmptyThu Feb 13, 2014 9:53 pm

Cyril had never felt so powerful, nor had he ever felt so vulnerable. Cyril had the highest power level he had ever experienced, but he was crippled by an innate ki related disability which would prove to be lethal very soon. He was thankful that Makoto and Emily had been there, otherwise he might not have made it to his ship. Cyril cringed when he felt a burning sensation in his chest. “Okay ship, begin agnostics and show known information on Ki Corruption.” Ki Corruption was the common name for what he had. The user’s own ki ate away at their body. It could be pretty nasty in Universe 42B. Numerals and articles scrolled across the screen of the computer. There was a light buzzing as the ship tested him.
“Probability that Solution Alpha will work?” Cyril asked the computer.
“65 percent.” The computer buzzed.
“Administer Solution Alpha.” Cyril sighed deeply. He knew it wouldn’t work this go around. A thick, silver gas flowed into the room and Cyril inhaled. He choked on the gas but breathed in as much as he could. The burning sensation in his chest began to spread over his body. It wasn’t working.
“Computer, to the Pool of Origins.” Coughed Cyril.
Cyril jumped out of his ship and into the Reality Forge. He was renewed.

Word Count: 220

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Solution Alpha: Failed Empty
PostSubject: Re: Solution Alpha: Failed   Solution Alpha: Failed EmptyThu Feb 13, 2014 10:04 pm


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Solution Alpha: Failed
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