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PostSubject: Charge   Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:25 pm

You take a moment of your time to make your attack more powerful. You may stop charging to block or dodge, but the technique will fail if you do no matter how much it has built up.

Level I
Requirements: 1 RP; 500 words.
Effects: Charge an attack for one of your posts and add a x2 to your attack (these are stackable with technique multipliers.)

Level II
Requirements: 2 RP; 500 words; previous Level.
Effects: Waiting for two posts gives your attack a x4.

Level III
Requirements: 3 RP; 500 words; previous Levels.
Effects: Waiting for three posts gives your attack a x6.

Level IV
Requirements: 4 RP; 500 words; previous Levels.
Effects: Waiting for four posts gives your attack a x8

Level V
Requirements: 5 RP; 500 words; previous Levels
Effects: One post is removed from your charge time and Level I is altogether removed. (Meaning you only have to wait 3 posts now for Level IV Charge; 2 posts for Level III; 1 post for Level II; And you can no longer use Level I.)

During your charge time, you cannot block or dodge or do anything other than charge.

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