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 the lizard man can run even faster than emily

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PostSubject: the lizard man can run even faster than emily   Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:47 pm

The Yardrat speed challenge, one of the most anticipated events in history. The championship is divide into three division, the junior, mediocre, and thunder. Each division requires a certain speed to enter. Zero had recently entered the mediocre division and now planned to enter the thunder division. Zero studied the map of the course that the race would fallow. First the race would lead them into a canyon, then they would have to cross the next leg over water, and finally they would have to sprint through the city all the way back to the arena. Zero and about nineteen other racers lined up at the starting point. The whistle blew and all twenty racers, including zero, were off.
The racers left the city in which the race began and maid their way to the canyon. The name of the canyon was called quick quack canyon. The people named it accordingly, for every time a sound was made, even the tiniest, there would be an avalanche. Zero used his speed to work his way through the canyon quickly and quietly. Using all of his agility he was able to traverse the canyon with much ease. As Zero flew through the canyon another racer came up behind him. Zero wasn’t quite sure what the racers motive was, well besides winning. The racer, who Zero could now see better, was a young women. The girl flew up beside him and held one finger up to her mouth in a way that said, “Shhh.” Then she flew ahead of Zero, Zero wasn’t going to let some random chick beat him. Zero flew up to the girl and with his hands maid a loud clap. The sound reverberated off the walls of the canyon and echoed throughout. A few seconds later a low rumbling sound could be heard as the canyon had begun an avalanche. The girl flicked off Zero, who intern grabbed the girl right as she went to leave and through her against a falling boulder. The girl was knocked out and fell to the canyon floor. Zero continued on through the canyon dodging every single boulder. Eventually Zero came to the end of the canyon and saw a large ocean in front of him.
Zero walked up to the shore, the beach was beautiful. The shore was covered with foam from the water, the sun glared, and the creatures made noises that were very annoying. Zero took out the map and saw that from here he would have to fly through a chain of islands in order to get to his destination. Zero flew in the direction of the islands and once there found that they were all deserted. Zero found this very uninteresting and flew on. Eventually another racer caught up to Zero and fired a beam of Ki at Zero. Zero quickly dodged the attack. Then flew around and bashed the racer in the skull knocking him into the water. The racer made a loud splash and then was eaten by piranhas that ruled this part of the ocean. Zero shrugged and flew on.
Zero reached the end of the ocean, pretty much where the land started. The city was only a few kilometers away. Zero flew to the city and traversed the many streets and alley ways of the city. Eventually Zero found the arena and flew as fast as he could towards his goal. The arena was insight and victory was ashore. Zero crossed the finish line and broke the yellow ribbon. He had won the race and the honor and glory that came with being the champion.
Word count: 604
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PostSubject: Re: the lizard man can run even faster than emily   Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:53 pm

31,185 PL; Half that for Z; Quest Gains.
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the lizard man can run even faster than emily
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