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 Stat System

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PostSubject: Stat System   Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:33 am

If you're a member of the last SH (Shattered Hope III), then you must be expecting this whole long explanation of the 3-Stat System. Well, you're sort of kinda not going to. In the last SH, every Saiyan started out the same old amount of Ki, speed and stamina, and BLAH-BLITY-BLAH. I dun liek. Well, I do, it was pretty smart. I made two slight changes to the system. Instead of having Stamina as your Physical strength, AND health, we're gonna split it into two stats: Stamina (Again.) and Health. Also, PL is a new stat, as well, but it doesn't really change the course of Battle.
Oran Who Has a total of 1,000 PL. But Oran Who likes using Ki blasts and explosions instead of punches and kicks. So with that in mind, we'll distribute his stats to the way we see fit.

ORAN WHO <---Name
PL: 1,000 <---PL = Ki+Stamina+Speed
HP: 500 <---Health = PL/2, rounded up.
Ki: 500 
Stamina: 200
Speed: 300

Notice how Oran has more Ki than Stamina and Speed. It's because he's gonna use more Ki than anything. HP doesn't have to be a big worry, because it calculates itself.

Now, in order to use our stats in combat, you decide how much Ki/Stamina you'll put in the attack. The more effort, the more damage.

For Example:
Oran has encountered a wild Punching bag! He looks into his scouter to see it's stats!
Punching Bag
PL: 300
HP: 150
Ki: 50
Stamina: 150
Speed: 100
 Oran charges a ki a blast in his hand fires at the punching bag!
Oran's Ki:(Total - Amount Effort Used = Amount Ki Left) 500 - 100 = 400
Now, the Punching bag can either A.) Dodge, or B.) Take the hit.
Here's how either answer would go:


-Speed is used to Dodge. You take away how much damage would be dodged from the attack, from your speed.
-Ki and Stamina are your attacks. You decide how much effort/damage to deal, and take that much away from either Ki (for Ki Blasts) or Stamina (Punches/Kicks)
-HP are your "Hit Points" they'll always be Half of your current PL
-Your PL is your Ki, Stamina, and Speed put together. You don't use this during battle.
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Stat System
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