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 Past 1 A.M

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PostSubject: Past 1 A.M   Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:23 am

Cyril was exhilarated. This was it. Cyril jumped into his ship leaving Emily to guard the dragon balls and shouted, “I’M COMING HOME!” This was metaphorically speaking of course. Cyril was already home on Heaven and in his spaceship in which he sometimes slept in. Cyril was of course speaking about coming back to his home species. That’s a weird way to say it of course but that’s what’s happening after all. Cyril was turning back into a Seraph after weeks of being a Madness. Or the Madness. How the fuck does one say that? You know what? It doesn’t even matter anymore, because Cyril won’t be one anymore! Cyril had done the math and made sure that once he reached the first and last transformation of the Madness (a Madness?) he could turn back into a Seraph and reach his original power level of one hundred million again! Cyril rushed into his ship and sat down at his desk with a flourish of his coat. He shoved the papers off his desk which showed his calculations The papers read as the following:
“Plan fo Power, YO!
This is the first trans for the Seraphim:
Requirements: 50,000 PL; used the Guardian transformation 5+, 500 word post.
Gains: 20,000 PL to distribute”
This is the second trans for the Seraph race:
“First Wing
Requirements: 200,000 PL; 700 word post
Gains: 100,000 PL”
Annnd here is the third:
Requirements: 600,000 PL; Reached First Wings transformation; a post about attending a motivational seminar
Gains: x2 Ki, Stamina, and Speed”
Okay, so here is the deal, Cyril, It would take weeks, maybe months to reach your third transformation if you turned back into a Seraph immediately after curing yourself. It would take even longer to reach your full power again! But look at this man:
The first and only Madness transformation is the following:
“Magnified Madness
Requirements for Transformation: 500,000 PL, won 3 lethal battles, or won 10 nonlethal battles.
Gains: 500,000 HP, 250,000 PL”
So look, dawg, if you stick it out long enough in this race and reach that by wishing on the Heaven Dragon Balls, you can skip over weeks (perhaps months) worth of work and skip straight to your First Wing Trans! And look, here’s some more incentive. You have chance of reaching ANOTHER trans with that single summoning. Observe.
This is the fourth transformation of the Seraph Race:
“Fourth Wing
Requirements: 1,000,000 PL; 1,000 word post
Gains: x3 PL”
If you leave the summoning after you make your wish to reach Magnified Madness and quickly reach your First Wing transformation you can automatically reach the Transcendence transformation since you attended that seminar forever ago, and then you can come back and wish for your next transformation which would be the Fourth Wing transformation! You would reach one million power level in one day and save yourself weeks of work if you can pull this off! So just hang in there, buddy!”

That’s what the papers said and these papers helped Cyril through the burden of insanity for however long he had been insane. It hadn’t been too long actually I’m sure.
Anyway, Cyril sat down in his desk and worked tirelessly for the next few minutes to change his race back to Seraph using the Race Change Kit he had procured from Herminos, the dragon that was summoned by the Heaven Dragon Balls. Finally, Cyril sighed with relief. He had a face again. He felt whole once more and for the first time in what seemed like forever, no other voice other than his own was in his mind. The silence was as lovely as a cherry blossom slowly fluttering to the ground in Fall. Or Spring. Or Winter. Or Summer. Whenever it was that cherry blossoms slowly fluttered to the ground. Cyril didn’t really have an encyclopedic knowledge of cherry blossoms.
Cyril leapt from his desk and punched the air in success. Cyril was just so damn excited about being himself again that he immediately grew his first pair of wings! Again! “Wow, can this day get ANY better?” Cyril said in a staged manner. “Oh wait. It totally can!” he said as he walked to the door, ready to wish for the power to reach the Fourth Wing transformation.

Word Count: 714

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PostSubject: Re: Past 1 A.M   Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:25 am

Early Morning Approval.

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Past 1 A.M
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