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 The lizard man becomes an assassin

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PostSubject: The lizard man becomes an assassin   Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:35 pm

Zero landed on Uberia and searched for a mentor who could teach him the assassin strike. Zero had already learned Machine gun Punch and heard that the Uberians had taken it to a whole other level and made it into a move that was now a popular attack among assassins. Zero walked up a small hut that read assassins guild. Zero walked into the guild and walked up to the bar and asked the bartender if he knew anyone who could teach him the assassins strike. The bartender pointed to a man who was very slender and rapped in rags. Zero walked over to the man and asked if he would teach him the assassins strike. The man shook his head and gestured for zero to follow him. The two walked outside and into the guilds courtyard. The man told zero to watch. The assassin took a fighting pose and then sent a flurry of quick strikes at a dummy. When the man was done the dummy was only a pile of rags. The man told Zero that basically you move just as fast as you would if performing the machine Gun Punch. The man gestured towards another dummy and told Zero to do the same as he had. Zero walked in front of the dummy and performed the technique with relative ease. The man was astound with how easily Zero had performed the technique. Zero asked if that was all it was and the man nodded and said it was. The guild master walked out and asked Zero if he wanted to join the guild. Sadly Zero declined the request he still had much more to do. Zero thanked the mysterious assassin and entered the slave-I zero liked this place so he marked it on the planetary maps and then left.
Word count: 305


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PostSubject: Re: The lizard man becomes an assassin   Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:51 pm


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The lizard man becomes an assassin
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