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 Delving into the mind

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PostSubject: Delving into the mind   Tue Mar 25, 2014 7:16 pm

Zero found himself wandering around the Galaxy in the Slave-I. The ship had no actual course set zero was just wandering. The ship made a small humming noise that was quit soothing to the ears. Zero felt as if he could fall asleep and nothing would bother him. When all of a sudden a great force rushed into zero’s head and into his brain. Zero screamed in agony as he grabbed his head and started stumbling around the ship. The force became more like an image in zero’s head instead of a pain. The image showed zero a place where there was only madness. Some might even call it a world without law. Zero collapsed as the image became clear and he fell on the floor and lied on the floor motion less.
In the subconscious of zero’s mind he was falling through a tunnel and down into something even crazier than he himself felt at times. As Zero fell he saw many things that only confirmed his theory that he could be losing his mind. Clocks hung from the walls and they were all set for different times and whenever one went off the others would only be a second behind it making an eternal dinging as zero fell down and down farther into his own madness. Finally zero could see what looked to be like water at the bottom and then splash, zero had fallen into a pond that was painted pitch black. The sun was shining and the sky was a dark red color, the moon was full and orange as if someone had painted it that way on purpose. Zero could see his self-floating in the water, and by that I mean it was transparent as if he was simply floating motion less in a black void. Zero began to swim towards the bank of the pond and as he moved he couldn’t hear a sound, he couldn’t feel a thing, as I said it was like some kind of void. When zero reached the bank he turned and looked at the pond and all he saw was a giant black hole in the ground. Zero felt bad for someone who couldn’t swim cause if they got stuck in that thing it looked as though they would sink forever. Zero turned and walked along a trail that led from the pond up a giant hill that was in the shape of a rectangle standing on one of the sides that took up less area. Zero new that it would be impossible for anyone to walk up that thing but the path just stopped moving forward and started moving up. Zero didn’t question it because he wanted answers so he decided to keep walking. Zero, to his surprise started walking up the wall that was the side of the mountain. As zero walked up he could begin to see that the land he now walked was even bigger than he could have ever thought to be possible. Once at the top Zero found a small stone tablet that read, “Hello, if you are reading this, you have stumbled into a world that has no laws and everything is possible. Also it means that your body has become subjected to the madness of the universe. As you traverse these plains of madness you will find many tablets like the one you are now reading. Each tablet will give more insight as to the origin of the madness in this world. Good luck. Oh, and take this with you.” Zero felt a sudden rush of madness enter his body and he began to cry out and fainted. Zero awakened back on the slave-I and felt his body even more potent with madness. Zero felt terrible and also he felt something strange, Zero walked to the bathroom and saw in the mirror that he now had a mouth upon his face.
Word count: 654


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PostSubject: Re: Delving into the mind   Tue Mar 25, 2014 7:20 pm


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Delving into the mind
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