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 The Bridge

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PostSubject: The Bridge   Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:50 pm

The slave-I drifted through space on no exact course or in any specific direction. Zero was asleep in his chair at the controls. He was having a wonderful dream, nothing to specific just a nice warm dream. A few hours past and there was no sound at all, nothing was stirring not even a mouse. Then suddenly, “AHHH! Damn it not again.” Zero had awoken from his dream to find himself experiencing uncontrollable pain. Zero knew what this was, he was about to faint, he had experienced this before. The time had come to go back into that world of madness. Zero collapsed on the floor and found his subconscious falling back to the world without laws.
Zero awoke on top of the rectangular mountain were he had stopped in front of the tablet. Zero picked himself up and dusted off his clothes from where he had been laying. “I wonder where this place is going to take me this time.” Zero noticed that on the ground the path started to reveal itself. Zero walked along the path over an arched bridge that connected the mountain to a forest. As he walked zero saw that there was a palace in the distance shaped like the one on Heaven. Zero looked around and saw the one from Glacian and all the Palaces from all the planets. Zero figured he was just going insane again. Zero continued along the bridge when suddenly he was stopped by the sight of statues that lined the bridge. They were all strange to, because each statue was carved to look like someone he knew. There was one of Grim, Makoto, Emily, Rick, Cyril, Maynin, but the one that really creeped out zero was the one of Riza in his mutated form. Zero thought nothing of it until the statues started melting, “what in the world.” The statues started melting and then they formed into a large cat that stood so high he was taller than where the bridge stood in the air. “Oh, a giant cat, how interesting.” Zero walked along and the cat followed. Zero stopped, the cat stopped, started followed, stopped, stopped. Zero looked at the cat and then realized what the cat wanted. It obviously wanted to play. Zero then remembered that the tablet told him anything was possible here. Zero holdout his hand and a giant mouse toy appeared in his hands. The cat purred and wagged its tail. Zero through the toy and the cat chased after it. Zero watched the cat chase after it and the cat disappeared out of sight. Zero walked along the bridge and found himself face to face with the cat again. This time though the cat was much smaller and floated right in front of zero’s face. Also there was three of the cat now. The cat had somehow split itself in three and shrunk in size. Zero grabbed the cats and made them into cookie cat sandwiches and ate them. “Delicious.” Zero started singing as he walked down the bridge. Zero encountered many other things along the way. For instance zero saw the a giant mud crab playing in silly string, a giant volcano spew bubbles, and something that really freaked out zero he saw a marriage of what looked to be like a bird and a bee. Zero ignored all of these things and continued along the bridge. Zero realized that this bridge had been going on for miles and was starting to feel like snake way. He walked, and walked, and walked. The sun was starting to go down and the moon was spinning in place. The sky changed from red to purple. Then when the sun went down the bridge became different now the bridge was going up and down instead of horizontal. Zero walked down and made it to the forest. Once off the bridge zero saw some righting in a tree, “congratulations, you have seen the first step of madness, and that my lad is time. One cannot simple have madness, madness is developed over time through a series of events. As a reward take this.” Zero knew what it was. Another rush of madness coursed through zero and made him faint yet again.
Zero awoke in the slave-I to find himself in a pool of drool, “I should really get some help.”
Word count: 727


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PostSubject: Re: The Bridge   Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:52 pm


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The Bridge
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