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 The clearing

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PostSubject: The clearing   Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:35 pm

Zero found himself wandering around the Galaxy in the Slave-I. The ship had no actual course set zero was just wandering. The ship made a small humming noise that was quit soothing to the ears. Zero felt as if he could fall asleep and nothing would bother him. When all of a sudden a great force rushed into zero’s head and into his brain. Zero screamed in agony as he grabbed his head and started stumbling around the ship. “AHHH! Damn it not again.” Zero knew what this was, he was about to faint, he had experienced this before. The time had come to go back into that world of madness. Zero collapsed on the floor and found his subconscious falling back to the world without laws.
Zero found himself back at the end of the bridge, and standing on the forests edge. Zero wondered if this place would be as mad as the other two locations had been. He looked at the forest with cheer for he knew he had nothing to fear. The bridge had shown he had some power within. This world had no laws and that was its end. Zero could make anything appear out of thin air in this world for it was in all reality his own mind.
Zero entered the forest and started wondering around looking at everything he could see and touch. Zero found the forest fascinating to him because it was in this forest that so many things looked exactly like memories he had long before this madness had set in. zero walked along a trail that appeared in the middle of the forest, though the forest was covered by many branches of the overhanging trees it was as if something was filtering in the light from the outside and making the forest bright and colorful. Zero walked along the bath and found himself in the middle of the forest, a clearing. In this clearing there were no overhanging branches and you could see the red sky perfectly, however zero could see that because all the light was on the inside of the forest there was no light left for this clearing and so it was dark and you couldn’t hardly see where you were headed. Zero tried to since his way around but this world was in Zero’s mind after all so everything he could since had the same aura that Zero had. Zero bumped into almost everything he could have imagined. Zero was growing annoyed and this darkness was finally starting to get to him. He couldn’t stand it he had to get out of this place but he couldn’t see, for all he knew he could have been going around in circles. Zero finally thought about use his Ki to make a ball of light, but the light was sucked right back into the forest. Then zero realized that he should probably try to go back the way he came and see if there was another way. Zero walked out of the clearing and back into the forest only this time a wall had appeared around the clearing so he couldn’t break out. Zero noticed the wall closing in on him and finally pushed him back into the dark madness of the clearing. Zero sat there in the dark for hours and finally became mad. Then a small stone tablet appeared from the ground, “this was your second lesson, in one’s life he will face obstacles and if they cannot overcome them they will fall into madness. Zero awoke back on the slave one and his head was swarming with even more madness.
Word count: 608


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PostSubject: Re: The clearing   Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:41 pm


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The clearing
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