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 The race continues

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PostSubject: The race continues   Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:26 pm

The Yardrat speed challenge, one of the most anticipated events in history. The championship is divide into three division, the junior, mediocre, and thunder. Each division requires a certain speed to enter. Zero planned to enter the thunder division. Zero studied the map of the course that the race would fallow. First the race would lead them into a forest, then they would have to cross the next leg over a gorge, and finally they would have to sprint through a trapped field on the other side of the arena. Zero and about nine other racers lined up at the starting point. The whistle blew and all ten racers, including zero, were off.
The racers neared the forest called prickle forest. The people named it so because the only things in it were sharp and pointy. Zero entered the jungle followed by a young Namekian competitor. Zero was first as always, but this racer was nothing to laugh at she was right behind zero and gaining pretty fast, Zero turned back around to see what looked to be a wall of thorns. Zero new what to do right then and there. Zero would fall back just enough so that the girl couldn’t see but stay fast enough that she couldn’t pass and then at the last moment pull up over the wall of thorns and the girl would slam right into it. Zero pulled back in front of the girl and then waited for the right amount of time and then pulled up over the wall. The girl slammed right into it and the spikes punctured her entire body filling her body with gaping puncture marks. Zero paid no attention and kept on going until he reached the next leg of the race.
At the end of the jungle was a gorge that below all you could see was fog. Zero turned and saw that another competitor was gaining on zero. Zero quickly remembered that this gorge was rumored to have a giant hydra that lived in the fog that would pop its head up and snap at any who dare to cross its path. Zero flew over the fog and into a thick patch that plagued the area. Zero used his KI to since danger and to keep himself on track. Zero noticed that there was a strong presence underneath him moving in the fog. Zero tried to get closer to see what it was when all of a sudden a giant tail swung at Zero. It was the hydra, zero quickly dodged the attacks and then used some fancy maneuvers to dodge all of the hydras attacks. Then zero noticed another presence it was the racer who he had seen back at the canyon. Zero new how to fix him. When the next hydra head came up zero quickly dodged it and kicked it towards the racer. The hydras powerful jaws clamped down on the racer and ate him whole. Zero flew out of the fog and found himself in the trapped field.
Zero new that this would be a synch because he could just fly over. Zero flew over the field and towards the arena. Then, all of a sudden arrows shot out of the ground and started towards zero, “crap, those look sharp.” Zero quickly evaded and grabbed every arrow. Then flew up at a column that came out of no were and through the arrows at and made a Z. Zero looked at his work of art and smiled. Zero was happy and then flew on over to the arena. Once there zero crossed the finish line and was crowned the champion.
Word count: 610


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PostSubject: Re: The race continues   Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:16 pm

+Quest gains

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The race continues
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