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 Potara Earrings

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PostSubject: Potara Earrings   Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:18 pm

Potara Earrings are a familiar fixture to the DBZ RPG scene, and I admit I was hesitant of their addition here. Back on SH III, a large majority (actually not including me for once) abused the Hiffle out of them. As such, there will be some clear rules.

*They cannot be passed onto another player that you aren't fusing with. In other words, you can't buy them and give them to another player.

*You cannot wish for them.

*You cannot fuse with these more than once; you may still fuse with fusion dance.

*You must have 1 RP to purchase them, and the other character must have been a thing for a month.

*You may not buy more than one set for any of your characters more than once a month.

Now, that said, let's move onto the actual guide parts.

*To use, buy one set. Give one earring to the character you wish to fuse with. Choose wisely--- this will be entirely permanent.

*It doesn't have to be a juxtaposition of the two names; you can just go by one character's name.

*You will need to create a hybrid race page if one does not exist for your two races combined.

*Only your PL, techs, Zenni, and items combine; RPs do not add up; it'll just be the highest value of the two.

*This resets your deaths for the week, as well as HBTC uses.

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Potara Earrings
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