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 Radiant Saiyans

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PostSubject: Radiant Saiyans   Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:11 pm

Radiant Saiyan

The Radiant Saiyans are a hybrid species. They are Solar Saiyans and Humans combined. However, this can only be achieved by permafusion, as the superiority of Solar Saiyan genes dominates all other racial genes. IE, no Radiants through breeding. The first and only is Ryuzaki.

Racial Trait: Radiant Spirit- Return to a battle with half stats after being knocked out and winning a dice roll.

Radiant Zenkai- Gain 15% of current PL from being defeated.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Transformations.  Transformation
*- See Human Race Page
#- See Solar Saiyan Race Page

1*- Roshi/Crane


3#- Solar Saiyajin

4#· SSSJ2
5*- Oran

6*- Pinnacle

7#- SSSJ Godu

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Radiant Saiyans
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