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PostSubject: Review   Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:40 pm

Zero sat in his favorite chair in the slave-I and then, well you know the rest. Zero screamed in pain as he clutched his head. He fainted and fell on the floor. Zero awoke in some sort of tunnel reliving his journeys in this fantasy world.
Zero had fallen into the pond that was painted pitch black. The sun was shining and the sky was a dark red color, the moon was full and orange as if someone had painted it that way on purpose. Zero could see his self-floating in the water, and by that I mean it was transparent as if he was simply floating motion less in a black void. Zero began to swim towards the bank of the pond and as he moved he couldn’t hear a sound, he couldn’t feel a thing, when he got to shore the world shifted and he was on the bridge. Zero walked along the path over the arched bridge that connected the mountain to a forest. As he walked zero saw that there was a palace in the distance shaped like the one on Heaven. Zero looked around and saw the one from Glacian and all the Palaces from all the planets. Zero figured he was just going insane again. Zero continued along the bridge when suddenly he was stopped by the sight of statues that lined the bridge. They were all strange to, because each statue was carved to look like someone he knew. There was one of Grim, Makoto, Emily, Rick, Cyril, Maynin, but the one that really creped out zero was the one of Riza in his mutated form. Zero thought nothing of it until the statues started melting, “what in the world.” The statues started melting and then they formed into a large cat that stood so high he was taller than where the bridge stood in the air. “Oh god not this thing again.” The cat waved and then the world shifted again. Zero found himself in the dark clearing again. . He couldn’t stand it he had to get out of this place but he couldn’t see, for all he knew he could have been going around in circles. Zero finally thought about use his Ki to make a ball of light, but the light was sucked right back into the forest. Then zero realized that he should probably try to go back the way he came and see if there was another way. Zero walked out of the clearing and back into the forest only this time a wall had appeared around the clearing so he couldn’t break out. Zero noticed the wall closing in on him and finally pushed him back into the dark madness of the clearing. Zero found that he had blacked out and awoken in front of another stone tablet. “So, this was your final lesson, what have you learned from this world in which you found yourself in because you chose to learn the ways of madness.”
“Well, madness is terrible, I hate it. This stupid madness has caused me nothing but pain.” Silence fell for a minute then.
“Well, that is sort of the truth madness is hell, everyone wants to be rid of it, but only those with the will to do so. Well that’s it goodbye.” Zero awoke back in the slave one and he felt sort of better but the madness was still there lingering in the back of his mind, waiting, watching for that moment when it would be able to take control of zero. Zero couldn’t take this anymore he had to do something.
Word count: 606


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PostSubject: Re: Review   Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:41 pm


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