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PostSubject: Techma   Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:14 pm

Techma were the second race of life, right after the Solar and Lunar Saiyans. Techma were the first human design, they are able to use 100% of their brain. In the Techma’s First century their city’s flourished and reached the sky. The Techma home world Clockwork is a Steam punk based world of architecture. Though their technology has moved into the future of now, there architecture and style are still stuck in Steam Punk. Later on the Techma started to develop fighting instincts and are one of the strongest fighters in the universe, not to mention the smartest.
Starting PL: 900


Racial Traits

You realized there is chance you can increase the power in your attacks, once per topic you can increase the power of your attack so that it does 25% more damage.

Fire wall:
You calculate the trajectory of your opponents attack and see an opening, once per topic if any of your stats are less than 25% you may instant dodge/block an attack.



Tinker (permanent)

Requirements for Transformation: 50,000 PL, won 1 lethal battle
Gains:  +150,000 PL
Drawbacks: Tinkering is your life, you create things to fight for you.  -50,000 stamina
Details: As a small child you always were fascinated by machines and now you create them.

Professor (permanent)

Requirements: 500,000 PL, 500 word post
Gains: +200,000PL
Drawbacks: -100,000 Ki
Details: You love performing experiments of epic proportions.

Steam Punk (permanent)

Requirements: 1,000,000PL, 600 word post
Gains: +3,000,000PL
Drawbacks: -1,000,000 Speed
Details: You’ve learned the modern style of engineering for your race. You know develop weapons to aid you in your battles.  

The Gunner (permanent)

Requirements: 50,000,000PL, 700 word post
Gains: +15,000,000PL
Drawbacks: -5,000,000 KI
Details: Weaponry has become only another thing in which you are now an expert.

Man and Machine (permanent)

Requirements: 100,000,000 PL
Gains: +100,000,000PL
Drawbacks: -50,000,000 Stamina
Details: You have found a way to maximize your power with machinery.

Soldier of Fortune (permanent)

Requirements: 500,000,000 PL, 800 word post about becoming a free agent
Gains: + 200,000,000PL
Drawbacks: -100,000,000 stamina
Details: you’re contacted by a secret agency that has a use for your knowledge of technology.

Project DNA (temporary)

Requirements: 1Billion PL, 1,000 word post
Gains: x3PL
Drawbacks: while in this form you can’t run, this suite was designed for offensive strategies only, Speed equals 0
Details: the agency has decided that you are the best candidate for the “project DNA” experiment and it turned out to be a success. However you haven’t learned how to fully work it yet, lasts 5 turns
Other information: while in this form you can still use moves like after image or IT to dodge.



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