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 The Truth

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PostSubject: The Truth   Thu May 01, 2014 5:08 pm

Zero slept in the slave-I as he drifted through space. Zero was having a beautiful dream full of Cracker jacks and women. Then all of a sudden an alarm went off in the slave-I. Zero awoke with a gasp and jumped out of his cot. Zero ran over to the com screen and barked orders at it, “Computer access code alpha Gama Ro.” The computer whaled and the monitor flickered and then a picture came into focus. On the screen an image of a lost planet appeared and then two random people flicked onto the screen, “Hello, if you’re hearing this that means you have finally come home to us.” Zero looked at the monitor with a look of disbelief on his face, “My son you have found your way back to us. I feel this can be better explained if we talk in person.” A picture appeared on the screen, “If you follow these coordinates you will find your home, or at least the place you use to call home, before you were taken away from us. Son I promise I will explain more when we see each other again.” The Video cut to static and then ended. Zero fell back into his chair in disbelief. He questioned his next moves. Should he go to the place that was supposedly his home, but he had always known Galacian as his home. On the other hand he could just wright this off as some random message he intercepted by mistake. After a few minutes of thinking he pressed a button on the control panel, “Computer, head to the coordinates off the planet that appeared on the screen.” The ship whaled and then headed off in the direction of the supposed home world in which he was from.
Once zero arrived at the planet, zero landed on a loading bay of what seemed to be some sort of high-rise building. Zero noticed that the architecture of the world was of the steam Punk style. Zero noticed that golems walked along the streets with their creators ridding on their shoulders. As one golem pasted by a young girls waved at zero as she passed by. Zero walked along the streets as he noticed that this world was very advanced and though the technology was relatively new and high tech the people seemed to take to the steam punk style of their world more than the newer high tetchiness of the technology. Zero continued to walk as he came to a large palace covered in gears and machines. Zero knocked on the doors of the palace and a bigger man arrived at the door. “Yes?”
Zero cleared his throat, “umm, I received a message that I was to come to this planet and that I was home.” The man gasped and began to tear up. He motioned for zero to come in and he led zero to the throne room.
“Sire, this man says he has received the message.” The room was very beautiful with the architecture of the room complimenting the way the room was made. The king of the world arose from his chair and approached zero. “So, you have finally come home to us,” the king began to tear up and squall like a baby, “Son. You have come home.”
Zero was astonished, “what are you talking about? There’s no way I could be your son. I mean look at you and look at me.”
“Yes, well I figured you would have questions. You see when you were very small you were taken from us by those changelings. The king and queen were unable to conserve a child of their own. So late at night when all was dark they sent to assassins to retrieve you from us and then take you to heaven were they persuaded the Seraphim to change you to one of them and wipe your memories of when you were a child and replace them with artificial ones. Seraphim technology and all. But now you have come home and now we have a way of changing you back and supposedly once that happens all your memories will come flowing back. Please follow me.” The king led him to a large room with a machine in the center surrounded by control panels on the side to control it. “This machine is much like that of the seraphim’s technology in which they changed you to begin with. Have a seat and I promise you will not regret it.” Zero for the first time was actually questioning his actions. Should he stay the way he is and keep the life he knows, or should he change, revert back to his supposed true race and with it memories he doesn’t remember. Zero with a heavy sigh sat in the chair and waited. He wasn’t sure why but there was something about the king that made him trust him. The assistant strapped him into the machine and then after a bit the machine started up. The machine warred and then a shock of electricity coursed from the top of the machine down to were zero was strapped in. the jolt coursed through zero and everything else was a little fuzzy but when he woke up he was no longer in the chair but lying on a bed in an old room which he remembered. He looked around the room and started to remember everything the night he was stolen and everything before that. It was all true and he never knew he was oblivious to the truth. Zero got up from the bed and walked around the palace, he knew every nook and cranny, every turn and every bump, and he remembered it from when he roamed the halls when he was a kid. Eventually zero made it back to the throne room where the king was sitting and waiting. “Ahh, there you are, I was worried the process was too much for you and you might not make it. However it seems I was wrong.” The king hugged his son and zero hugged him back. For the first time zero was happy and he remembered everything.
The next day.
The next day Zero awoke from his chambers feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The surprise and shock of yesterday’s surprise had left it so that nothing would surprise him anymore. Zero walked to the throne room and met his father. “Good morning son, are you ready for your day to begin, we have some business to attend to.” Zero shook his head and followed his father. As they walked through the city Zero still couldn’t believe everything he saw. The golems were still walking the streets with their creators on their shoulders. As they walked Zero saw the one girl again and she saw him. Zero flew up to her and asked her name, “Ha-ha, my name is Mirajane. And you?”
“I’m zero. I met you the other day as I was walking the streets and I had to ask your name.” the girl laughed and they said their goodbyes as Zero’s father was calling for him to hurry. He caught back up with his father after saying his goodbyes and they were off again.  “Now son the place I’m taking you is one of our planets greatest treasures. It’s a place known as Archimedes. This building is one of the oldest and largest on Clockwork, the planet. I hope you still remember that at least, the planets name not Archimedes. Archimedes was named after one of the smartest Techma that ever lived, he was a wiz in every source of knowledge there was, and so the building where we house all the documents that our people have accumulated over the ages.” They both walked into the building and as soon as they were in Zero could see everything that was in the building. The building itself was no more than a library of epic proportions. From the first floor all the way to the ninety ninth there was nothing but books and documents. “This is all of the knowledge of the Techma race, which is the name of our race, I wouldn’t expect you to know the actual name of the race you were still very small. However that is all there is to see in this building, it’s really more of a library than some greet treasure.” Zero and his father walked out of the building and back into the streets.
“Father, this is all amazing and I know that there is still much for me to experience here and…” zero was cut short as his father pulled out a staff and handed it to Zero, “what is this?”
“This staff has been handed down from generation of king to the next and now one it is yours. My time is almost up and I will not be here much longer. Our race usually lives to be about one thousand years old however, we age twice as fast as a normal human. And I am already in the hundreds.”  Zero mustered his pride and kept from crying. “Thank you for coming back to us my son.” What the hell. Zero started to sob for this was the only time he had actually ever felt loved.
“I still have many questions though like, when did our planet begin to prosper and why did no one try to find me in the past twenty one years and…” Again Zero was cut off by his father.
“All in good time my son, all in good time. For now just enjoy your self.” Zero hugged his father and then they returned to the castle.
(Race change kit was used during this)
Word count: 1703



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PostSubject: Re: The Truth   Thu May 01, 2014 6:01 pm


In lieu of a PL reward....

Right to open shop.
+Quest gains: Planet!

Reply with a name and short description of both planet and shop.

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The Truth
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