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 Final Run

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PostSubject: Final Run   Thu May 01, 2014 10:02 pm

The Yardrat speed challenge, one of the most anticipated events in history. The championship is divide into three division, the junior, mediocre, and thunder. Each division requires a certain speed to enter. Zero planned to enter the thunder division. Zero studied the map of the course that the race would fallow. First the race would lead them into a swamp, then they would have to cross the next leg over a volcano like region, and finally they would have to sprint through a hallway on the other side of the arena. Zero and about five other racers lined up at the starting point. The whistle blew and all six racers, including zero, were off.
The racers neared the swamp called Froggy bottom swamp. The people named it so because the only things in it were frogs and there was supposedly one frog that was bigger than all the rest that could swallow a human hole. Zero entered the swamp followed by a young majin competitor. Zero was first as always, but this racer was nothing to laugh at she was right behind zero and gaining pretty fast, Zero turned back around to see a giant frog ready to pounce. Zero new what to do right then and there. Zero would wait until the last minute to evade and then when the frog pounced he would dodge and the frog would swallow the majin. Zero drew closer to the frog and then at the last minute when the frog pounced he moved and evaded. The frog missed zero and hit the majin girl instead. The frog swallowed her whole. Zero paid no attention and kept on going until he reached the next leg of the race.
At the end of the swamp was a volcano that below all you could see was smoke. Zero turned and saw that another competitor was gaining on zero. Zero quickly remembered that this volcano was rumored to have an eruption time, every five minutes the volcanoes would erupt and spew hot lava all over the place. Zero flew over the smoke and into a thick patch that plagued the area. Zero used his KI to since danger and to keep himself on track. Zero noticed that there was a strong presence underneath him in the fog. Zero tried to get closer to see what it was when all of a sudden a giant spew of lava spewed at Zero. Zero quickly dodged the lava and then used some fancy maneuvers to dodge all of the other spews. Then zero noticed another presence it was the racer who he had seen back at the canyon. Zero new how to fix him. When the next volcano erupted zero quickly dodged it and kicked the racer towards it. The racer was burned to a nice tender pink in the middle, probably medium well, just how Zero liked them. Zero flew out of the smoke and found himself in the hall that seemed to never end.
Zero figured this would be easy, boy was he right. Zero flew through the hall with ease dodging every trap that he sprung. Axes, arrows, explosions everything was a synch to maneuver through. Zero even grabbed some of the arrows and through them against the wall in the form of a z for his first initial. Zero exited the hall and turned to see every other racer being splattered in the hallway. They were decapitated and everything. However, zero didn’t care he flew towards the arena and crossed the finish line. Zero was the only one who actual made it to the end.
Word count: 603
(I did new places and events this time)


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PostSubject: Re: Final Run   Thu May 01, 2014 10:07 pm

+29,000 PL; +Quest Gains

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Final Run
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