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 The man and the golem

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PostSubject: The man and the golem   Fri May 02, 2014 9:19 pm

Zero appeared on clockwork and walked through the streets. Zero noticed that there was a large number of people crowding around the south dome, home too many tournaments. Zero walked over to see what was happening. The arch ways of the entrance toward over the crowd, they had to be this big or else the golems wouldn’t fit into the dome when they had golem fights. Zero made his way up to the top were there was very few people sitting, most feared that they would get hit by scrap that happened to go flying. Zero looked down to the field and saw that there was one person waging a battle against a giant golem nearly twenty times his height. The golem slung its arm and knocked the man against the wall. Zero laughed at the thought of the man actually thinking he could beat that golem. Then suddenly a voice came over the monitor, “Can anyone take down the golem that many have tried but failed?” the crowed was silent. Zero stood up and then it’d into the field and snatched the mike, “I can.” Zero handed the mike back over to the announcer and waited for the golem’s controller to start off the match. The controller worked her magic and powered up the golem. Golem was surprisingly fast for its size and weight. The golem took Zero off guard and sent him flying into the wall, a cloud of dust covered the impact. “Well folks, that’s what you get for being cocky.” Just then the smoke cleared and zero emerged unscaled, he rushed the golem and in mid rush he shrouded himself with Ki armor and punched the golem knocking it back a bit. The crowed went silent and then started to cheer. The golem flew forward and struck at zero. Zero quickly dodged the attack and appeared above the golem. He struck from above and knocked off the head, rolling along the ground the head stopped at the side of the arena. However, the golem did not stop the controller simply made the golem attack more ferociously. Zero stopped one of the attacks by grabbing its arm and flipping it over backwards breaking off parts of its armored plating. As the golem rose from the ground it held out its hand and formed a small ball of Ki, “hold up golems can use Ki.” Zero was surprised at this. Though he would have to break the golem eventually. The ball of Ki started to radiate beams of Ki and sent them at Zero. Zero dodged every attack with the grace of a dancer, something he picked up from Grim, and then when close enough he launched a borage of lethal Ki attacks that would kill an ordinary man. When the smoke had cleared from the impact of the attacks all that remained of the golem was its upper torso and its arms. However, this did not deter the golem, using both arms to pull itself it came closer and closer to Zero and when finally close enough to hit him zero unleashed a blast of pure energy he had been saving up from the beginning of the fight. The blast emitted so much power and force that the golem was torn to shreds. Bits of the armor and body lay scattered here and there with no link to the controller. Zero turned to the cheering crowd and let their cheers of admiration sink in. he wasn’t sure how but zero somehow felt stronger form this experience. With the day almost over Zero decided that it would be best to walk back towards his loggings in the palace.
Word count: 610


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PostSubject: Re: The man and the golem   Fri May 02, 2014 9:20 pm


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The man and the golem
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