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 Guardian on the loose

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PostSubject: Guardian on the loose   Wed May 07, 2014 8:09 pm

A beautiful sunny day on a beautiful planet, what could be more beautiful. The sun is shining the gears are clanking and the screams of citizens are echoing through…, wait a minute what? Zero looked outside his palace room’s window and saw that explosions in the distance lit the morning sky a blaze. Far off in the distance a town was being attacked. Zero ran down the stair case out through the courtyard doors and then once in the palace took off in a leap towards the town. Zero flew with all his might and speed to reach the town. Upon zeroes arrival he found that the town was being attacked by one of the guardians known as, metal mouths, for the reason of their being able to chew through any sort of metal defenses that an enemy may have. Zero flew up to it and yelled, “override code: steam” the guardian ignored zero and kept on attacking the town. The guardian had walked away from zero and towards a dam that was keeping the town from flooding. Zero rushed towards the guardian and again yelled, “override code: steam.” Nothing happened and the guardian drew nearer towards the dam. Zero knew something had to be done and there was no time for thinking things threw. Zero flew towards the guardian and drew its attention towards him by firing to heavily packed Ki blasts at it. The guardian turned towards zero and simply flicked him away. Its mighty hand need only bend a finger to cause a breeze and with the whole wave of his hand zero was blown away back towards the edge of the town. Zero realized this wouldn’t work, so he thought of something quick, something rash, and something only zero would do. Zero flew over towards the guardian and taunted it, the guardian simple kept walking, zero then realized the guardian cared not for zero but had some sort of fixation on the dam. Zero could not allow the guardian to reach the dam however so as a last minute resort he lifted the guardian up with all his mental strength using telekinesis and through it towards the other side of the dam. A mighty wave of water washed over the wall of the dam and wet the town and what was left of its occupancy. Zero flew over the dam to see that the guardian was still there in the water shut down from having the water clog it’s gears and valves to the point in which it reached the guardians main compositor and overloaded it. Zero landed on the guardian’s chest and saw that a screw had come loose on one of its main ports. Zero quickly repaired this and lifted it up and carried it back towards the center of town where it remained repaired and ready for the chance to pounce on any threat that may threaten or harm clockwork and its citizens. Zero saw that the day was just starting and there was still much to do.
Word count: 508


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PostSubject: Re: Guardian on the loose   Wed May 07, 2014 8:27 pm

+266,000 PL; +Quest Gains

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Guardian on the loose
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